Tuesday, August 18, 2009

surviving summer

Yes, it's mid-August, but it just so happens, summer--in all its icky-sticky humid glory--only just now arrived in Michigan. (Okay, well, right now it's actually pleasantly dry and lovely, but I'm sure it will soon be icky-sticky again.)

I adore autumn. I am the only person in the state of Michigan who does not complain about the long gray winter--I love it! Spring is delightful, but always makes me a bit edgy because I know my nemesis, Summer, is right around the corner. And in my case, it truly isn't the heat. It's the humidity. And the mosquitoes.

How do I survive summer? Sometimes it's so sticky and hot that even getting out onto the lake for a dip is too strenuous. These are the times for a tepid soak in the bathtub with a LUSH Big Blue bath bomb. Its gentle lavender and lemon scent somehow evokes the ocean--or maybe it's the blue water and bits of seaweed.

On the most humid days I require L'Occitane Verbena Soothing Body Ice Gel. Smells lovely--citrusy with just a slight touch of spiciness--sinks right in, and actually does have a slightly cooling sensation. I also wear the matching perfume all summer long; it's the best citrus scent I've ever smelled (and I've smelled a lot of perfume).

My other go-to summer fragrance is Hermes Hermessence Rose Ikebana. It's rhubarb and rose, with a touch of grapefruit (which, come to think of it, sounds like a lovely cocktail). Only available at Hermes boutiques or via decanters like the fine folks at
The Perfumed Court.

I'm not a shorts girl--at least, not in public. I think skirts are much prettier, and also, cooler (temperature and fashion-wise). I love the kitschy cool fairy tale/alpine-inspired skirts in
madewithlovebyhannah's Etsy shop, like this Red Riding Hood skirt! (I am pretty sure I need one of her velveteen Winter Woods skirts for fall.)

Skirts and pretty, full-skirted dresses, like this one from
VintageRoseClothing on Etsy, are my summer wardrobe staples. This pretty pink dress is perfect for a hot summer day, and VintageRose has a great selection of other dresses in her shop.

Of course, an icy cocktail, like a gin and tonic with frozen blueberries, a drink my friend Roberta introduced me to, always helps. Booze and antioxidants, all in one delicious dose!

And sometimes, only a viewing of a snowy film like Doctor Zhivago will do.

I hope you're all keeping cool this summer! Got any heat-beating tips for this summer-hating grouch?



  1. I love this post! when can I come over for cocktails b/c clearly, you mix a mean drink! also, have you tried "memory of kindness" from cb i hate perfume. you'd love it.

  2. Yes--how funny! I made a special trek, on my own, all the way to W-burg two summers ago when I was visiting NYC, just to buy a bottle! It's my favorite tomato leaf scent. And I love the CBIHP shop.

  3. I hate summer too, it's absolutely the worst. I made roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cake the other day to try to harken Fall, but it just made me more hot and lethargic ;)

    For another great summer cocktail, try a Moscow Mule :)

  4. Mandy, the latest Bon Appetit with roast chicken on the cover is mocking me. It's too hot to turn on the oven! :D

    Oh, I love me a Moscow Mule! Sounds really nice right about now, too.


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