Wednesday, March 30, 2011

we are sound oh we are light

I gave myself the best birthday present ever this year--a trip to Chicago to see (now officially my favorite band) British Sea Power. Funnily enough, I could have seen them a bit closer to home, in Pontiac, but, um, didn't realize all the good bands were now playing Pontiac rather than Detroit. Oh well--this gave us a chance to go to Chicago!

And because the show was in Chicago, we had to stay overnight. We booked a room in a fabulous place called Longman & Eagle, recommended to me by Ms. Sarah Louise of branchbound and slubird. (All of Slu's Chicago recs to me were spot on--I'm so grateful to you, Slu!) L&E is a six-room inn over a whiskey bar and restaurant.

We stayed in number 13 (I am not terribly superstitious)...

...which I also dubbed the Depression Room, after getting a gander at the artwork in it.

It wasn't at all a depressing place to stay, though. It was lovely, and the staff was charming and so helpful. The room was small, but absolutely perfect for us. It had this funny but kind of great shower stall/toilet combo. And I am a sucker for fancy hair/body products.

I'm also a sucker for things like this...

We had a little time to walk around Chicago before the show. Two things I particularly love about Chicago: lots of cool old signs, and lots of German restaurants. Civilization! Though I love fancypants local food gastropubs and all of that, I think a truly civilized city should also have a fair share of old school ethnic restaurants and blue collar dive bars. Chicago is so nice and down to earth in that way.

I was a little bummed The Violet Hour wasn't open yet when we passed by, but we did get to stop by another excellent Slu recommendation, The Whistler, for some delicious cocktails.

And I wore my new branchbound sequin headband. It's gorgeous, isn't it? So comfortable to wear, too. (Unsolicited compliments were received!)

British Sea Power was magnificent. The stage was decorated with their trademark greenery (cedar branches) before the set.

Cos we are sound

Oh we are light

So let's go on

Into the night!


Friday, March 25, 2011

book, barware, birch bark, bsp, and booze

I just had to show off a few of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday.

A vintage book full of travel daydream material.

Two sets of barware! One for just the two of us (if I can get Andy to drink a cocktail), and one for when we have guests. The fresh new bottle of Plymouth was a gift, too.

This birch bark necklace was purchased for me when it caught my eye at a cute little shop full of Michigan products near Detroit's Motor City Brewery. And like all good things, the maker, Bettula, has an Etsy shop. It's full of amazing nature-based jewelry and other items (mushroom necklace! Birch bark cuffs!).

And then, of course, there's my gift to myself--seeing British Sea Power in Chicago. With a trip the next day to stock up on cheap (or, at least, cheaper than here) liquor to put to use in all that new barware.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last weekend I celebrated my birthday in Detroit. I didn't take a ton of photos--I usually like to forget about the camera when I'm having fun--but I took some.

This is me in front of Zingerman's Road House (in Ann Arbor, en route to Detroit), pointing at a bone on the ground. I think it was a rib bone. What I thought was funny about this is I'm standing in the parking lot near the barbeque smokers, and I was just picturing a hungry employee snatching a rib off the smoker to eat, and then tossing the bone into the parking lot. Who could blame them?

I think this ironic photo has probably been posted a billion times since the oil spill, but I still had to take my own.

Here is Stephani in front of Ferndale's Ringwald Theatre. She recently saw that production of Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy, and gave it two thumbs up.

All dressed up for cocktails and dinner at Michael Symon's Roast. I covet those boots Stephani is wearing. She is lucky her foot is two sizes smaller than mine.

I love this photo Stephani snapped as I hurried out of the cold back into her house.

Food and drink highlights of the weekend: The Subtle Smoke (Plymouth gin, Laphroaig, Sauternes, Lemon Twist) and Golden Gate (Bulleit bourbon, Benedictine, rhubarb and Angostura bitters, lemon twist) cocktails at Roast. (The Golden Gate reminded me--in a good way--of old furniture. I need to get some Benedictine so I can create one at home.) The rosemary fries at Roast (which my oh-so-refined palate correctly detected were fried in pork fat). The macarons that Nikki bought us from cup.cake in Royal Oak. Stephani's chicken piccata! The Balvenie served to me at the very cool, slightly dive-y, Deco-era Bronx Bar.

And of course, as always, Slow's BBQ.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring has sprung?

Maybe it's because I have a fresh new haircut today, but I can definitely sense spring in the air. Yes, we do still have snow on the ground here, but it's supposed to get up to 65 today. That's springlike enough for me!

And I definitely see a lot of spring in this next shop preview.

1960s olive green abstract print dress, by R&K Originals.

Sage blue knit fringe boots and cactus vest.

1960s deadstock floral print polished cotton dress with belt.

1950s leaf print blouse.

1950s sky blue chambray dress with diagonally pintucked bodice.

1960s mod floral wrap skirt, by Beeline.

1960s goldtone shantung dress, by David Barr Pavion.

1970s aqua blue floral sweater, by Kenneth Too!

1950s lime stripe ascot neck dress, by Georgia Griffin.

1960s gold paisley print blouse, by Orvieto Creations.

Satin ribbon-trimmed calico floral dress.

Ecru floral gauze wrap skirt.

1960s Adele Simpson mod whimsical print dress with sash.

Jantzen golden floral print blouse.

1960s pink bamboo print wiggle dress, by Dove of California.

1980s LL Bean botanical print blouse.

1950s aqua floral print sundress.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mini golf

Andy and I went to play "artist-designed mini-golf" at the UICA last week.

My outfit:
*1950s dress--estate sale
*cardigan and tights--Target
*shoes--rustlethepetals on Etsy

The mini-golf was hilarious. At this hole, you put on gloves and handled the club like you were handling dangerous material in a nuclear plant.

See that blue blur in the lower left corner--that's Andy's golf ball heading toward the hole.

Loved the doughnut and coffee cup hole, but sadly, it had issues and couldn't be played.

I beat Andy by two strokes. I celebrated with a Sazerac!


Monday, March 14, 2011

oh, man

Sneak preview of some cool men's items coming to the shop shortly!

1950s plaid McGregor cotton oxford.

1950s red and gray plaid oxford, by Sears Fraternity Prep.

Deadstock 1950s lightweight wool blend pants, by Aldens.

Deadstock 1960s pale green cube print western shirt, by Knotts Sunbelt.

1950s paisley print oxford, by Granada.

1980s maroon Members Only jacket.



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