Friday, March 30, 2012

shop preview

Here's what's coming up this week in the shop--springy prints, and more dresses than usual!

1950s coral pink dress with full skirt.

1940s blue plaid blouse, by Kenrich.

1960s Pucci-esque print dress, Collector's Items by Anne Fogarty.

Brown dot pattern cardigan.

1940s petal pink dress, by Eddie Rubenstein.

1940s linen smock blouse or jacket, from the Jack Horwitz Custom Collection by Shannon Rodgers.

1970s citrus plaid piqué maxi dress.

1960s pink floral polished cotton blouse, by Alex Colman.

1950s butterscotch plaid day dress.

Deadstock 1970s child's prairie girl print blouse.

1960s brown zebra stripe dress.

1960s red floral print blouse.

Purple calico print rockabilly dress with rickrack trim.

1980s cropped black lace top.

1960s lemon yellow sheath dress with rounded collar and bow.

1950s Wedgwood Collection by Majestic sleeveless Peter Pan collar blouse.

1960s polished cotton hibiscus print dress.

1950s squiggle print piqué dress.

1950s brown seersucker skirt suit with belt.

1950s peach polka dot silk dress.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

indiana, 1939

My grandparents, Edna and Dan, were married in 1938.  In 1939 they traveled from St. Louis to Indiana to visit Edna's family there.  I love the photos from this trip--I'm guessing Edna took most of them--as they have such a dreamy, summery feeling.

Also, these gals wore some really cute dresses!

I really love this photo.

Edna on horseback.

Another photo I particularly love--Dan and one of Edna's relatives.

These folks appear to be standing in front of some kind of mobile grocery store.  Nifty!

Dan on the right, rocking the boater.

That's Edna's mother, my great-grandmother Mary Francis, on the far left.  I love this photo for the dresses, naturally, but also for the luncheonette menu behind them!


Monday, March 26, 2012

shop preview

Coming to the shop this week...

1950s Tiffany blue rayon dress and jacket set, by Charles Hymen.

1950s butterfly and bud embroidered blouse.

1960s gray and yellow grid print shirt dress, by Dutchmaid.

Lilly Pulitzer patchwork robe.

1950s black embroidered wiggle dress with satin sash and sparkle collar.

1950s candy stripe full skirt.

Pink and orange muumuu with gold print, by Sun Fashions of Hawaii.

1950s soft rose pink shantung ascot bow blouse, by Diane Young.

1940s black crepe and blue grosgrain ribbon scallops dress.

1950s mustard yellow calico floral bolero.

1950s aqua and green striped shirtwaist dress with bow belt, by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

one day like this

My birthday was Tuesday.

This handsome fellow took me out for the day.  We started off at the Winchester for lunch, where they had a great special--10 ouncers of beer for $2.00!  This is one of my favorites, Blue Point Toasted Lager.

I had to take a photo of the house across the street from the Winchester, which is purple, and has a pink Christmas tree in the upstairs window.

We did some book shopping, and then headed to the zoo.  These bears were freaking me out a little.  It's their little bitty eyes, I think.

I wasn't there for the bears, though.  I was there...

for these.

Hello, my love.

Yes, it's 85 degrees--you two should definitely go for a dip.

Oh.  My.  God.  (Right about here is where I almost had a Kristen Bell sloth moment.)

Look.  He said hi to me!

I didn't want to leave the capybaras, but the zoo was closing.  So we headed to Eastown's new addition, Harmony Brewing.  The farmhouse ale we had was delicious.  Afterwards I took a picture of Andy outside the pizzeria he used to live above.  I love the old signs.

We stopped by Lost and Found so I could shop for a change (I found a really cute mushroom tea towel), but also took the opportunity to snap a couple photos of our space there.  After that, it was over to Vertigo Music, where Andy visited with Herm while I browsed (and bought Twilight Sad, British Sea Power, and Dexy's Midnight Runners cds).  Then a fantastic dinner at Reserve.

An excellent day!



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