Thursday, July 29, 2010

A something in a summer's day

As slow her flambeaux burn away,
Which solemnizes me.
--Emily Dickinson

(Yesterday was the Official First Anniversary of this blog!)

And now, an Etsy shop preview...

Pale blue pintucks and daisy lace dress, by Jr. Flair by Sportslane.

Sailor middy blouse.

Red rose print sheath with ruffled hem.

Lemon yellow pintucks and lace trim blouse.

Candy stripe dress.

Vegetable garden print skirt, by Peter Popovitch.

Aqua blue dress with double Peter Pan collar.

Pastel stripe combed Egyptian cotton blouse, by Avoca.

Ticking stripe double bow party dress, by GiGi Young.

1940s chocolate brown blouse.

Blue and yellow floral print dress.

1950s goldfish embroidered linen shorts.

1950s pewter gray voile dress with white piqué collar and cuffs, by Bobbie Brooks.

Horses and carriage print tank, by Jantzen.

Seaweed-y print shirt dress.

Nylon yellow squares print blouse with rhinestone buttons, by Terry.

1950s Persian rug print shirtwaist dress.

Blue rose bohemian peasant skirt, by Junior Age.

Swiss dot tulip print sundress.

Sky blue wheat pattern sweater.

Gorgeous white eyelet lace shirtwaist dress with pouf sleeves and belt, by Jr. Flair by Sportslane.

1950s whimsy falling figures print smock top.

1960s acid trip floral print shirtdress, by Lady Bayard.

1950s full, pleated navy blue skirt with high banded waist embellished with buttons, by Petti.

Stunning cotton batiste sundress with red embroidered scalloped edges and polka-dots, by Tempo.

Rainbow gauze blouse.

Red and gray plaid sheath dress with box-pleated bodice and pockets.

Boxy buttercup yellow blouse with bows at the waist.

1950s red striped dress with Peter Pan collar.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a room with a view

I was feeling in the need for something a little escapist last night, so I Insta-watched A Room with a View on Netflix. I don't think I've seen it since it was originally released in 1985, at which time I thought it was the most beautiful and romantic thing since my teenage obsession, Brideshead Revisted. It's a great film, not least of all for the pretty Edwardian fashions and for its Italian and English settings.

(Click on the movie screen captures to see them bigger!)

I think I'm supposed to like Lucy's romantic, frothy, white lace outfit here, but instead I'm loving Eleanor Lavish's smart tie, pouf shoulders, and straw hat.

The film is gorgeous, just pure eye candy to look at. The settings are more beautiful than the clothing really. I adore all the tans and taupe-y colors used in the costuming; they are a perfect foil for the Italian fields and English gardens.

Even the sparkly eveningwear is taupe (which I happen to adore). Of course, the real star of this movie may be Helena Bonham Carter's hair, which I could not stop staring at. It's enormous. It's tamed into a long braid in Italy, at the beginning of the film, but later on it seems to develop a life of its own, exploding out of the updos its been swept into, becoming a kind of metaphor for Lucy's exasperation with Cecil and George.

I did love the rare color in scene: the red outfit, plum-colored hat, and patch of purple flowers.

Here's brother Freddie, sartorially resplendent in a crazy-wonderful striped jacket and straw boater. And floppy hair, of course. It runs in the family!

Lucy with buttoned-down Cecil, and somewhat tamed hair. I love the gorgeous satin and lace peasant top she is wearing--elegantly bohemian and so romantic!

Some Julian Sands eye candy for the ladies. Lucy's black chiffon dress--what we can see of it--looks gorgeous. Sadly, we don't get to see much more of it.

Watching the film again inspired me to search Etsy for Edwardian fashions. Here are some of the prettier things I found (click photo to go to the listing; seller's store name and link beneath photo):

Friday, July 23, 2010

sunshine is the best disinfectant

And not just in public policy. And really, for our purposes, it's the best deodorant. Some of our recent estate find reeks of mothballs (a scent that I don't mind so much, but I believe I'm in the minority). One of the best ways to get rid of bad smells in vintage is a nice long sunbath. We were supposed to get rain today, but luckily, have had loads of sunshine instead, so our yard is currently a vintage lover's playground.

I originally hung these in my usual place--the line under our deck. Unfortunately, that's not the sunniest spot, so Andy rigged a rope line from our apple tree in the center of the yard to the deck, supporting the line with...criss-crossed cross-country skis! Isn't he clever?

And check out this amazing mermaid fabric! I am so in love with this print, but have no idea what I'd do with it. I'm no seamstress, so I should probably let it go, but...check out that accordion-playing mermaid!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

something about july (shop preview!)

It was this time last year that Small Earth Vintage made its biggest vintage score--and I started this blog.

And yesterday, well, history didn't exactly repeat itself. But it nearly did! We decided to stop off at an estate sale en route to meet my childhood best friend and her family. The sale was just for kicks. We were running late and figured the good stuff would be long gone. But we still stopped. And lo and behold! We filled the trunk of the car with over 100 pieces of great 1940s-1960s vintage, mainly women's clothing, and mainly dresses, blouses and skirts. The below photos of my overstuffed car trunk don't show much, but you'll be seeing much more of it in the days ahead!

And now on to this week's shop preview...

1940s color cross-hatch print sundress with shoulder ties.

Watercolor paisley blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.

Pink butterfly print and applique shift, by Shifts Internationale of Miami.

Fitted white cotton blouse with rhinestone-center daisies on the collar.

1950s turquoise dress.

Blue plaid full, pleated skirt with belt, by Russ.

Canary yellow sheath dress, by Eve Le Coq.

Rust red paisley blouse, by Bill Atkinson glen of michigan.

1960s rust paisley silk shirtwaist dress, by Peg Palmer.

White cotton eyelet lace blouse.

Sunflower print trapeze dress.

Forest green and purple abstract print blouse.

Chocolate brown L'Aiglon eyelet lace shirtwaist dress.

Traverse City sailing souvenir t-shirt.

Pink and brown rosette print (because it reminds me of the rosette cookies we sometimes make at Christmas) dress.

Bone silk crepe ascot neck blouse.

Calico print dress with ruched bodice and bow tie at bust.

Vine embroidered side tie wrap blouse.

Emerald mod flowers dress.

1980s crepe polka-dot dress with drapey neckline.

Sheer and sparkly gold kimono sleeve wrap top, by Nelly de Grab.

Flower garden dress, by Shaker Square.

Blue gingham ruffle bottom sundress, by Bill Atkinson glen of michigan.

Amazingly cute bird print piqué trapeze dress, by Malia.

1950s blue and chartreuse tulip print dress, by Jonathan Logan.



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