Sunday, June 27, 2010

blue skies and sunshine shop vacation announcement!

Boring business first! Small Earth Vintage will be closed for vacation from Thursday, July 1 until Monday, July 12. I'll be keeping the shop open for purchases, but there will be no shipping during this period. If you wish to purchase an item and have it shipped before we close you'll need to pay for it no later than 12:00 PM noon EST on Wednesday, June 30. All items purchased while we are away will be shipped upon our return on Monday, July 12. (And where will we be? Well, we'll be spending some much-needed and long-overdue time with beloved friends in New York state and New York City!)

I tend to mix it up pretty well in the shop update previews, but I saw a lot of sky blue and sunshine yellow in this one. Enjoy!

1950s blue snowflakes dress, by Beaumart.

Blossom pink sateen and lace maternity blouse.

Mod psychedelic dress trimmed in lace applique, by David Crystal.

Golf ball print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

Gold and forest green calico floral shirt dress, by Country Junior.

1950s blue gingham and snowflake full skirt, by Minnesota Woolen.

1970s black floral sundress.

1940s fitted sky blue nubby fabric blouse, by Judy Bond.

1950s ice blue shantung and open work lace cocktail dress, by A Norman Original.

Ascot neck secretary blouse.

1960s pink and gold floral print dress.

1960s high waist orange juice shorts, by Jeanie by Blue Bell.

1950s black and white gingham dress.

Gold and sienna brown paisley blouse, by Queen Casuals.

Mod floral scooter dress/romper.

Pink paisley ascot neck blouse.

1950s blue and green abstract floral crepe dress, by Brentshire.

Deadstock embroidered whales skirt, new with old tags.

Red, white and blue grid print shirtwaist dress, by David Crystal.

Modern art print nylon pullover hoodie jacket.

1950s fern green abstract print dress.

Royal print blouse, by Brent Me and My Gal Companion Sportshirts.

Bombshell! 1950s blue rose sarong-tie sundress, by Tori Richard.

1960s sunshine calico floral skirt with front pocket, by Sears Junior Bazaar.

1950s golden rose print party dress, by An Original Jr. Theme New York.


Friday, June 25, 2010

the girl with the lace on her headband

Andy and I went down the UICA last night to see the film of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I felt a little more urgent need to see it since I had just finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, and was sad knowing there will be no further Blomkvist/Salander tales. (Unless Stieg Larsson's estate approves some kind of terrible Scarlett-esque sequel.) I liked the movie very much, and am also glad the Swedes got to it before it was made into something starring Brad Pitt and Keira Knightley. (Oh, crap. That looks like it could be a possibility.)

I was also very happy last night because my wonderful new headband from branchbound arrived in the mail, and it is so cute. (Please forgive this close-up taken in the car en route to the movie.) I love the colors, and the headband is very comfy. Such a fun and easy way to brighten up an outfit! I know Sarah Louise is making more of these in various shapes and colors. She also makes lovely lace necklaces, earrings and combs--go check them out!

After the movie, Andy and I strolled next door to the Ladies Literary Club, which is a beautiful historic building that sometimes has concerts. In fact, we saw Andrew Bird play there a few years back and it was such a fantastic venue to see him in! The auditorium is very old school and intimate.

I took this hilarious photo of Andy in the parking lot. Love the mural and the old Caddy!


Monday, June 21, 2010

a whole lotta leath-ah

Yep, this accessories preview is nearly all-leathah. It's like buttah. (I am not a big Mike Myers fan, but I do love Linda Richman.)

It also contains a couple items I really wanted to keep for myself--but instead you lucky lovelies will get a crack at them! Enjoy. I'm a little verklmept. Talk amongst yourselves.

1980s Capezio oxblood cowgirl boots.

1970s dusky plum peeptoe slingbacks, by Pappagallo.

1940s ecru oxfords with decorative stitching on the vamps.

Red canvas wedge sandals, by Daniel Green Outdoorables.

Antique dark brown lace-up boots.

1980s Yves St. Laurent black, white, and red scalloped edge pumps.

Deadstock brick red slouch ankle boots.

Ferragamo wedge cap toe oxfords.

Brown faux alligator pumps, by D'Antonio.

California saddle leather purse, with buckle adjustable shoulder strap.

Tooled leather desert scene (eagle and cactus) wallet.

Scallop tooled sage leather wallet.

Mushroom hunter basket purse, by Caro-Nan.

Caramel leather accordion-fold purse, with contrast stitching and matching coin purse.

Raffia flowers basket purse.

Calico rustic redux purse. I picture Holly Hobbie rocking this.

Mid century jadeite green Aceliner stapler.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

city mouse or country mouse?

Having lived for 11 years in New York City, a part of me always has been, and still is, a City Mouse. Though I escaped the city to live in what is, essentially, the country, I still love my trips into "the city"--whether that be to visit friends in New York, my best friend in Detroit, or more frequently, downtown Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids is not a big city, but its downtown is pretty thriving, especially lately. It seems like a new bar or restaurant opens every week. Saturday night was evidence of this. We went out to celebrate 900 sales on Etsy (yay! Thank you to our lovely customers), and had to drive around forever to find parking. Public transportation is one of the things I really miss about New York. Anyway, I wore this wonderfully lightweight 1950s dress with matching belt, and because the dress is fairly sheer, a vintage deep blue Van Raalte full slip underneath. The slip came from our big estate buy last summer. And I added this chalkware dogwood brooch, which I appropriated off another dress from that same estate buy.

Here's Andy, all dressed up in his favorite style: 1960s prep. As you can see, he also is sporting a new haircut. It's a little shorter than I like on him, but I think it goes well with his vintage plaid shirt.

We had a lovely night, meeting up later with friends for cocktails at my beloved Viceroy.

On Sunday we spent a little time on the lake. Here's Country Mouse me (and Lucy) in the canoe. I'm in my typical lake gear: swimsuit, gingham shirt as cover-up, water shoes, and giant hat. This was taken just after I had a small freakout about a bug that I had to remove from my decolletage.
Ah, nature.

I am not really an outdoorsy person. Well, I shouldn't say that. I'm not the type of outdoorsy person who likes: sports, loud and fast boats, heat and humidity, bugs.

I am the type of outdoorsy person who likes: slow paddles around the lake, hearing and watching the birds in the trees, shady walks in the woods, and floating in the lake with a bottle of beer.

Sunday was pretty bustling (with human life) on the lake. But there were other creatures, too.

There are always lots of dragonflies (one bug that doesn't bother me a bit!). This one caught a ride on the canoe.

I guess I love the city and the country. I'm very lucky to be able to get frequent tastes of both. I hope your weekend was lovely, wherever you spent it!



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