Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday night dress preview!

Here's the first sneak peek at just a few of the dresses and blouses from our Big Score!

yellow rose sundress

"You may talk about your dearest May/And sing of Rosa Lee/But the Yellow Rose of Texas/Beats the belles of Tennessee."

birds and the bees lawn wrap top

Birds and the bees wrap blouse, made of lawn cotton.

red mod romper

Red scooter romper, by Don-About, a division of Nelly Don.

bohemian poet blouse

Bohemian poet blouse, eyelet lace and fluttery sleeves. Label is A Dotti Original.

1950s blue print Jonathan Logan dress

1950s blue print Jonathan Logan Dress.

Picnic blouse

More 1950s--a picnic tablecloth-print blouse with inverted pleats front and back!

These will be showing up in the Etsy shop starting tomorrow or Monday. I have a ton more ready for photographing, and also several incredible hats. In fact, while sorting through the hats I ran across a Hattie Carnegie, straw with a very interesting doodad on the crown. I'll have to post a photo tomorrow.

I'm ready to rest and relax with a bit of Greek yogurt and some of the 10 pounds of strawberries I froze last month before the local harvest ran out. And maybe watch the last episode I have on DVD of Da Vinci's Inquest. Anyone else a fan of this great Canadian cop/coroner show? I'm annoyed that it's only available here in the States through the third season. Hrmph.


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  1. That Jonathan Logan dress is stunning! I'm going to be keeping a close eye on your shop from now on ;)


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