Friday, August 7, 2009

rest in peace, John Hughes

I was a teen in the 1980s, so I was definitely a fan of John Hughes' teen movies. I always loved that he managed to showcase punk rockers and misfits. Proud individualists like Duckie, aspiring-to-be popular nerds like Anthony Michael Hall, and just plain freaks, like Ally Sheedy's basket case. (Of all the Hughes characters, I think I felt most like Allison Reynolds in The Breakfast Club).

At the same time, I couldn't always relate. Molly Ringwald's characters always got on my nerves. She was so whiny. And spent so much time obsessing over boys! And what she did to that fabulous vintage dress! And Blane--ew! (Though there were parts of me--crushing on boys who wouldn't notice me--that were probably a lot like the characters she portrayed, I would never admit it!) Also, as much as I enjoyed Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I thought Ferris himself was kind of a dick.

My favorite John Hughes movies? The ones with John Candy. How can you NOT love Uncle Buck? Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a movie I will watch over and over again, any time it's on TV. Best line ever, Steve Martin to John Candy snuggling up next to him in bed: "Those. Aren't. PILLOWS!"

So, of course I had to make a homage (an homage?) to John Hughes via the Etsy Treasury! Here it is--please click to visit it, click on the shops featured, and leave comment if you feel inspired!


  1. Great post! I just watched "trains, planes" with my son for the first time (I had never seen either and I was a teenager in the '80s as well!) So funny! 80s films are so hilarious and it's interesting to see how much crappy filler shows up in scenes and between scenes whereas the films these days have no use for that...

  2. Ally Sheedy was my fave character as well. "Yes. I always carry this much shit. In my bag."

  3. I like this post, and I also love John Hughes. My husband is an even bigger fan, today we are doing a marathon of his films...Pretty in Pink (natch), Uncle Buck (his pick) and Weird Science (one of most favorite movies ever). His talent for making poignant and funny films everyone can relate to will live on!


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