Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting to know me...

Ah, isn't that an ego-centric title! Well, I happen to be a member of the most amazing team on Etsy--Team Treasury. And I am the lucky Featured Member on the team blog this month. I had to answer a questionnaire and submit some photos. Rather than email the photos I thought I'd post them here on my brand-new blog...

A photo of me in my work space:

But here is the Real Me!

Here I am with Small Earth Vintage's other half, Andy, taken up north at one of our favorite places, Legs Inn (with Lake Michigan in the background):

And here we are, all blurry in New York City in March, celebrating my 40th birthday:

A photo of the beautiful lake we live on, taken from the canoe:

And amazing wonderdog Lucy in the canoe (she doesn't like to swim, but she sure loves being in the boat!):

Andy on the North Country Trail, one of my favorite places to walk in the woods:

Our home is an eclectic mix of mid-century modern, kitsch, and whatever catches my eye. I try not go overboard (after all, we sell vintage and only have so much space), but I do have a few things I like to collect. Perfume, paint-by-numbers paintings, colorful Pyrex and melmac in the kitchen. I also have an unhealthy appetite for animal figurines, especially dogs. Here's our hall table with the dog collection (check out the cast iron Scottie dog lamp), and some kitsch art on the wall behind:

My favorite 1950s lamp (black and red!) and a couple owls:

A chair I reupholstered in pink and mint barkcloth in an extremely rare moment of craftiness:

And a final shot of the beautiful lake!

Thanks for taking the tour.



  1. You and Andy and the house look too fabulous for words. The first pic makes you look like some high-fashion stylist to the stars. Love it!

  2. Um, when can we visit? I miss Michigan lake living.

  3. Thanks, Rachel! xo

    Jason, you guys are welcome *any time*! We have a guest room, a paddle boat, and a canoe. And liquor.

  4. That's awesome you get to live on the lake! cute as the little doggie figurines are, I'm now in love with that even cuter Lucy of yours! I'd love to have a puppy but I can't where I live... someday...someday. :)

  5. you are too cute! thanks for the tiny peek into your world. I am not quite brave enough yet to do the same! x

  6. Gahhhhh! I totally LOVE Leggs Inn!! Yessss! I just love Michigan people, seriously.

  7. Looks beautiful and fabulous. I wish we had a lake here (closer in) to SF. But ohhh... yeah. I currently live in the high desert. Oops!

    Rudy hates to swim but loves to go in our two man kayak. Same as Lucy.

    Your life looks happy and that is wonderful. Thanks for the mini tour!


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