Tuesday, August 25, 2009

never can say goodbye

For someone who is not big on summer, I'm sure having a hard time letting autumn into the Etsy shop! I'm really hoping that you folks in Arizona, southern California, and Australia are going to keep buying sundresses for awhile, because we seem to have a surplus of wonderful, bright summer dresses, and I'm having trouble putting them aside until next year!

Having said that, I have not forgotten about those of you who--like me--cannot wait for tights, sweaters, boots, and wool! We have a bunch of really cute wool skirts, plaid jumpers and dresses, and adorable sweaters coming your way. There's a little taste of some amazing cardigans up above. My favorite is that very mid century mod-looking orange and black leaf print cardigan in the background; isn't it fabulous? I also love the mod daisy print cardigan. It fits me, and so I might keep it. The white cardigan has satin flower appliques on it--so elegant!

And now more summery (and autumn-y!) dresses and things, in the rest of this week's shop preview.

1960s floral print linen shift.

1950s oversize gingham/check print party dress.

White lace and eyelet cotton blouse with peplum.

Brown mosaic print day dress by Jo White.

Amazing print! Wheat print shift.

Olive plaid wool skirt. (See! I told you I was looking out for you fall people!)

BeeYOOtiful 1950s blue and black rose print party dress by Vago California.

Olive and blue horn of plenty print dress.

Khaki folkloric print blouse.
folklore print blouse

Bobbie Brooks gingham, pintucks and rickrack wiggle dress.

Stripey 1950s day dress by Betty Barclay.

Good night and sweet dreams, all you summer wind lovers and autumn leaf chasers!



  1. Oh goodness, those items are amazing. My faves: the oversized gingham/check print pary dress and the white top. Beautiful! When I find myself not wanting to list a certain season, I remind myself of the southern hemisphere! :)

  2. I am in the same boat Karen, so many great warm weather dresses left, it's hard to think of waiting the whole winter to list them!

  3. and they keep getting better and better and better. my wallet is itching (or, uh, my paypal account).


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