Sunday, August 9, 2009

a humid cary grant sunday

The hot and uber-humid summer weather typical of Michigan finally hit us today, putting a big, hot wet blanket over everything. Happily, storms blew through this evening with Wizard of Oz-like gusty winds, and seem to have taken the humidity with them. I am happy--humidity is my enemy!

Despite the ick weather, I got a lot of photographing done. That's probably because I could better catch the occasional breeze while "in my studio" (a.k.a. "on the deck"). The delicious iced mocha Andy made me (he makes the best coffee; I think that's partly why I fell for him) and the bits of TCM's Cary Grant marathon I got to see in between trips to the deck made it much easier. I took so many photos, I'll split up the rest of this coming week's sneak peek into two posts.

But first! I want to share the little profile that Team Treasury, the wonderful Etsy team that I'm on, just posted about me. TeamT contacted me to ask if I wanted to join them earlier this summer, and I'm so glad I did! Yes, for the very first time ever in my life, I got spirit. Yes I do. I got spirit. Team Spirit! *shakes pom poms*

Anyway, I was truly honored to be asked to join them, especially after I saw some of their shops! Holy moly, there are TALENTED artisans on Etsy, and they are well represented on Team Treasury. We have a little bit of everything on TeamT: dress and purse makers, painters, jewelry makers, artists in felt, crochet, knitting, ceramic and glass, soap and candle makers...not to mention another super-cool vintage clothing seller, BrownBagVintage. So please follow
this link to the Team Treasury blog to check out the profile, and while you're there, you should visit some of the Etsy shops that are linked on the lefthand margin. Betcha you'll find something nifty to buy!

And now without further ado, here's a little preview of what I have coming to Etsy this week.

bejewelled flats, very Audrey Hepburn
simply perfect 1960s bejewelled flats

1950s goldenrod plaid full skirt
1950s goldenrod plaid full skirt

nylon dress with mid-century modern print
nylon dress with cool mid century mod print

electric blue mod coat with big ole buttons
mod blue coat with giant buttons

tooled and painted rosebuds western purse
tooled and painted roses saddle bag purse

jaunty red straw hat with feather
red straw hat with jaunty feather

1950s gray, pink and purple rose print dress
1950s rose print dress

1950s "styled by Chicky" pink and gold print blouse
1950s pink and gold print cotton blouse

wild 1970s leather and wood huarache clogs
wild 1970s huarache clogs

sage and gray 1950s mediterranean print dress
1950s sage and gray mediterranean print dress

1950s gray arts and crafts print blouse
gray arts and crafts print blouse

peridot green raffia and netting tam
peridot raffia and mesh tam/beret

mod poppy print gown shot with lurex
amazing mod poppy print gown, shot with Lurex


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  1. That purse, those sandals, that classy lace trimmed dress! It's love at first site for me...*sigh* :)

    We're dealing with the humidity here too, it's overbearing, and I thank the heavens above we have air this year, last year we didn't. But I LOVE when the storm comes afterward, too. ;)


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