Friday, August 21, 2009

done got tagged

I have been tagged by fellow Michigander and vintage lover, Jessica, who sells great vintage in her Etsy shop, LolaVintage. You should check out Jessica's shop, as well as her blog--she is adorable and bubbly, and has been posting some really fun novelty print dresses and skirts!

I'm supposed to share ten interesting things about me. Hm. Well...

1. I have no musical talent, but it's not from lack of trying on my parents' part. They signed me up for marching band when I was in first grade. I played the cymbals. Later in life I took piano lessons and really enjoyed them, but slacked off and never continued after I went away to college.

2. I have had a perfume problem. Let's just say I have more than a few bottles. I now avoid sampling new scents because I really do not need any more perfume, but it doesn't help when I read intriguing things, like the recent review of Serge Lutens' pine-y new Filles en Aiguilles at
Marina's Perfume-Smellin' Things blog.

3. I know the very best people in the New York greater metropolitan area. I first became acquainted with them at college, and they are the most fun, the cutest, the crazy-dancingest, funniest, dearest people, and I miss them every single day!

4. I was a children's book editor in New York for several years before I moved to Michigan. It was a really great job--I still (literally) dream about it!--and I got to do cool things like talk to Judy Blume on the phone, edit Encyclopedia Brown books, travel to George Lucas' ranch, and meet people like Robert Cormier, the Duchess of York, and Patrick Ewing.

5. I grew up in Colorado, a mile from the mountains. I lived there for 11 years and never went skiing once...until after I left. And then, only cross country skiing, because...

6. ...though daring in some respects, in others, I am a big chicken! I do not like downhill skiing or rollercoasters or anything that involves fast speeds down steep inclines. My mother would tell you I have been cautious like this since I was a child.

7. These beautiful creatures rule my world.

8. I am a punk rock kid. Here I am with my ridiculous hair and Murphy's Law t-shirt, in high school.

9. I became passionate--some might say "ranty"--about politics after I moved to Michigan. That's probably the last you'll ever hear from me on that. Unless something makes me REALLY mad.

10. I want to live in the
Tunnel of Trees!

I am supposed to tag 10 other bloggers, but I'm going to be an ornery slacker and just tag these six:

The Homey Economic
Bruises Easily
Brown Bag Vintage
Rust Belt Threads

Thanks for the tag, Jessica!



  1. Great pix! Especially the one of the boys in tuxes. God, they look like babies!

  2. I'm so curious about NY. A children's book editor? Lucky gal! Love that pic of you in high school, reminds me of people I hung out with back then. Thanks for sharing. <3

  3. I was so glad that you left a comment on my blog the other day since it led me here. I've been checking out your posts and etsy shop, and I'm smiling ear to ear seeing these photos today. The one of the guys in tuxes kills me. You're right - that group of friends is really unbelievable. I miss being a little satellite of the circle.

  4. Susie! I was so excited when I managed to find your blog again. I lost my bookmark for it when my laptop died. Of course, I could have just asked Pete or Jen for it, but what's the fun in that? :D I really missed keeping up with what was going on with you and Barry, and seeing the latest with your fabulous jewelry and photos.

    I wish more of the gang would blog, dangit! xoxo


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