Thursday, October 31, 2013

French new wave shop accessories update

A small shop accessories update featuring some mod made in England Chelsea boots (in a lady-friendly size!), a red pocketbook, and four pairs of 1950s made in France sunglasses.  Hmm, now that I look at them here, these accessories all seem to belong together...add cigarette pants and a Breton stripe or black boatneck sweater, and instant Anna Karina or Jean Seberg!

All coming to the shop shortly. 

Vintage Chelsea boots, made in England by The Windsor.

1960s cherry red convertible clutch purse.

Shell pink plastic sunglasses with rhinestones.

Sharp black sunglasses with green lenses and rhinestones.

Ecru plastic pearl starburst sunglasses.

Taupe cat eye sunglasses with rhinestones and green lenses.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

shop preview: plaid, knits, coats, and party wear

It's the time of year to start filling up the shop with plaid, knits, and coats...and some festive wear for parties!  I kept a couple sweaters for myself that were meant to go into this preview--whoops--but there's still plenty of cozy stuff here for everyone.  All items coming to the shop over the next week.

1940s red plaid Bonnie Brae cotton day dress.

1970s plaid coat with shearling collar.

1930s-1940s moss green crepe gown with rhinestone floral pattern on the bodice, by McDonald's.

Scandinavian fair isle cardigan.

1950s Ann Taylor black bengaline dress with rhinestone buttons.

1960s leopard print faux fur fitted jacket with gold clasps.

1960s mod brown side button dress, by R&K Knits.

1960s pumpkin plaid wool skirt, by Darlene.

1950s mulberry dress with wonderful collar and button details, by Mann-mate Original.

1960s Pendleton black watch plaid coat.

1940s fog blue wool skirt suit, by Nobility Jrs.

1980s oversize wool Benetton boyfriend sweater.


Monday, October 28, 2013

menswear shop preview

It's been awhile since there has been a menswear update to the shop, but we've been saving up some extra special items just for the fellas.  And I could use your assistance with a couple of these, so do read on and chime in if you can help!  All items coming to the shop shortly.

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece three-piece pinstripe suit.

1960s emerald brocade smoking jacket/tuxedo jacket by First Nighter Formals.  Clearly, I couldn't pick a favorite photo; my handsome model had so many great expressions for this one.  Which should I go with for the listing?  Or all three?

1940s Asian motif satin brocade smoking jacket.

1970s Campus antelope and...mystery animal henley.  Any guess as to what that other creature is?  It looks like a dinosaur with a propeller attached to it.  A camel?  I'm stumped!

1960s Jantzen green and blue Orlon argyle sweater.

1950s men's maroon and gray chainlink pattern mohair cardigan.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Katzenjammer shop update

Katzenjammer is the German word for hangover.  Or blues.  Our trip to Munich and Vienna is now a thing of the past, and I'm feeling pretty Katzenjammer.  I can still barely believe it happened:  it's like a dream.  Andy and I fell completely in love with both Munich and Vienna.  Though I was a bit nervous about putting the shop on vacation, it was very easy for me to take two weeks off and barely think about business.  I'll post more about the trip later.  

But first, a little shop update!  The first few items are in the shop already (links below the photos to each), and the last few will be arriving over the next few days.

1950s yellow chiffon dress with flocked daisies.

1950s blue nylon pintuck blouse with sheer lace top, by Jolene.

1960s rose pink knit dress with bow at neck, by Leslie Pomer.

1970s striped, space dyed bohemian tunic sweater with pockets.

1950s sepia brown floral print wiggle dress, Forever Young by Puritan.

1950s Gone Knitting novelty print full skirt.

1940s pink and navy blue poppy print rayon dress.

1950s white lace-trimmed cotton blouse, by Graff Californiawear.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

we're off!

Well, we will be, on Sunday.  But I'll be putting the shop on vacation in about an hour.

Man, do I wish we were traveling with this crew!

Collection C. Rivers, all rights reserved. Copyright All rights reserved by sanspareille69

The shop will be on vacation from noon today (October 3) until our return on Wednesday, October 23.

If you're interested in following along while we travel to Munich and Vienna, I'll be posting to my Instagram whenever I can grab some Wifi.

The above photo is from the Flickr account of sanspareille69.  It comes from an amazing photo album of traveling European circus/variety acts, circa 1926-1936.  You can read and see more of the album here; I highly recommend checking it out.  It's fascinating!



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