Wednesday, August 28, 2013

shop preview

This week's shop update will help you start transitioning into autumn, with some richer, deeper colors overall, and a sparkly gem of an Orlon sweater that you can toss over a summer dress as the weather cools.  And I couldn't resist including those late 1940s/early 1950s Jantzen shorts--they're just too cute!  The lovelies in this preview will begin arriving in the shop starting today, and through the next week.

1940s Le Grand Voyage striped dress, with mauve chiffon bow and rhinestone clasp.

1950s gray chambray dress with giant skirt pockets red floral belt and trim.

1940s green linen Jantzen shorts with white contrast stitching.

1960s Tweed Medieval wool sheath dress, by Laurence Gross for Bonwit Teller.

1950s cropped green eyelash effect fabric blouse, by Queen Casuals.

1970s sheer floral print broomstick pleat dress.

1950s brown and blue patchwork print full skirt, by Peerless Sportswear.

1960s purple linen dress with white contrast collar and matching belt, by Lampl.

1950s soft white Orlon cardigan with bead and sequin rose and berries.

1960s Pointillist Sunflowers dress and jacket set, by L'Aiglon.

1960s coral and olive green print pullover blouse, by Jantzen.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

shop preview: prints charming

Just when I was enjoying the mild weather we've had this summer, and thinking that for once I didn't mind seeing the summer linger a bit, the typical Michigan mugginess has returned.  This put the kibosh on my plans to start shooting the many cozy woolen sweaters and dresses I've been acquiring...but happily, I have plenty of great summery prints to show you instead!  And I'd argue that anything here could be worn in the fall, too.  Just toss on a cardigan or tights, as needed.

All items coming to the shop soon.

1950s Fallingwater striped cotton dress.

1950s pirate print Swirl dress.

1950s Pick a Pocket skirt, by Sid Harris.

1940s green and pink plaid dress with frog and side button closures.

1950s teal blue sleeveless blouse with button-over collar, by Sheila June.

1950s white bohemian pintucks dress with embroidered flowers.

1950s Ikat print (there are ladies' faces in those diamond shapes!) long tunic dress with high slits, by Alfred Shaheen.

1950s hydrangea print voile dress by L'Aiglon, with moss green leather belt.

1950s mid century fish print piqué skirt.

1950s navy blue and white silk polka dot dress with belt, by Marcia Frocks New York.

1950s purple and chartreuse plaid print sleeveless blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

shop accessories preview: bags, shoes, scarves, and more bags

What's coming to the shop?  Shoes, scarves, and bags--lots and lots of bags!  From small clutches to a large leather Kelly style bag and a big orange vinyl travel bag, there's a bag for every person and every use.  All arriving in the shop soon.

Deadstock 1960s olive green suede button flats, by Joyce California.

Deadstock 1980s Adidas Malibu running shoes, with box.

1960s brown suede pumps with leather and gold stud accents, by Florsheim.

1960s suede Bass Weejuns.

1960s orange silk pouch purse.

1960s pink beaded raffia clutch.

1930s black corde crochet purse with plastic floral top/clasp.

1960s orange vinyl travel bag.

1960s gold, bronze, and silver metallic dot clutch.

1960s large pink floral hard sided purse.

1950s gold threaded floral brocade clutch, by Garay.

1950s large pebbled butterscotch leather Kelly bag, by Coronet.

1960s large, colorful silk abstract print scarf.

1950s early Vera Neumann silk scarf with sepia rose print.

1960s mod daisy print canvas beach/laundry carryall bag.


Monday, August 19, 2013

traveling clothes

I was inspired by Lizzie (this post, specifically) at the wonderful The Vintage Traveler to write this post.  Lizzie mentioned that she recalled her female relatives wearing dresses on road trips to the mountains.  I like dresses for  road trips, too.  Dresses can be more comfortable than jeans.  I wear a pretty dull, utilitarian outfit working from home most days, so when I go out--whether to thrift or to dinner--I wear a dress, usually vintage.

Lizzie's post made me think about how my grandmother, Edna, dressed on the many road trips she, my grandfather, and father took through the 1940s and 1950s.  Many of these trips were to take my dad to camp, which is where they are in the above photo.  My dad and grandfather are pretty casual in slacks and t-shirts.  And my grandmother is a little bit casual, a little bit dressed up, in that cute patio dress.  She worked in a plastic surgeon's office, and I'm fairly certain she dressed up most days, in smart dresses or business suits.  I'm sure she wanted to look nice to drop my dad off at camp, but at the same time was thinking of how it would feel traveling for hours in a car in a summer day, and then having to navigate the dusty, rocky paths of a camp.  That dress and those practical shoes (are they oxfords or Keds-like sneakers?  I can't tell) look like the ideal outfit.

Edna frequently wore pants, too.  I saw this outfit in many photos, including one where she's camping.  I love the sandals, and the dark lipstick!  Edna may be casual here, but she's still glam.  I'm also loving my dad's cute personalized t-shirt and cowboy boots.

Speaking of Edna in pants, here she is in her pre-marriage days.  This was taken in the early 1930s I think.  I'm not sure what's going on here, but I love it.

Back at camp again, and I think these stylish gals with my dad are family members or friends of the family, who must have come along for the ride.  How great do they look?  And their dresses, particularly the floral one, look like they'd be very easy and comfortable to travel in.

On occasion, my dad wore a wild print shirt.  I don't have any photos of my grandfather in these print shirts, so I'm wondering if this was my dad's own choice, or something my grandmother encouraged.  I'll have to ask him.

And in 1970, Edna wore shorts, sunglasses, and great straw sunhat on the Clarksville Skylift.  (Intrepid gal next to her wore a dress!  On the skylift!)

This is not the greatest photo, but I had to include it.  It's my grandmother circa 1973 on a boat to Europe where she and my grandfather went on vacation.  I love her coat!  I'm about to take my own transoceanic (via plane, not boat) journey and trying to figure out what to wear.  I'm leaning right now towards a dress and boots...comfort combined with wearing a heavy item I don't want to pack.  I think Edna would probably approve.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

shop update: east coast / west coast

The first dress in this week's shop preview is from Terry Tall New York, and the second dress is from Miss Elliette California.  And I do think each dress kind of represents her respective birthplace!  The Terry Tall dress is chic and serious, with its streamlined shape and navy blue color--yet those bows and polka dots give it a touch of playfulness; you could totally see this dress on a Boston or New York street.  And the Miss Elliette is just flat out frothy fun in pastel colors--so California!

Now I live in flyover country (what both coasts--natives to them, anyway--tend to think of the rest of the United States), but a large part of my heart will always be East Coast.  And I think I could categorize each of this week's items into either the East or West Coast.  How about you?  Is your style more East or West--or someplace else altogether?

All items coming to the shop over the next week.  (And don't forget, today is the LAST DAY of the Bier und Schnitzel Sale!)

1940s navy blue polka dot dress with two bows and contrasting collar, by Terry Tall New York.

1960s pink and green chiffon Cosmo dress with velvet waistband, by Miss Elliette California.

1950s white nylon blouse with lace applique, by Glenwear.

1950s black piqué / waffle cloth wiggle dress, by Sandy Richards.

1970s belted buttercup yellow sweater with embroidered flowers.

1960s polished cotton dress with macro floral print.

1950s floral seersucker housecoat / robe, by Saybury.

1960s red on black floral print dress with scarf collar.

1960s pink and green floral print angora/lambswool cardigan, by Darlene.

1950s Roses in the Parlor voile dress with ruched sleeves and bow belt, by L'Aiglon.

1970s embroidered strawberries sweater.



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