Monday, August 30, 2010

corn and blueberries

Around here, seeing corn and blueberries at all the roadside stands is how you know summer is ending. That, and a certain slightly hazy, filtered look to the sunlight. Autumn is coming--but summer is still clinging desperately here, unwilling to let go. I know this via the Tweets of the (unofficial, I'm pretty sure) Grand Rapids Weatherball, which have continually been as follows: "Weatherball green, no change foreseen" and "Weatherball red, warmer weather ahead."

Anyway, here is this week's preview of clothing coming to the shop. The very last piece is something for Oktoberfest!

Cotton candy confetti rayon blend day dress with belt.

1950s blue and charcoal stripe blouse.

1960s hyacinth print Vera Neumann dress.

1950s peacock print full skirt.

1940s pinstripe shirtwaist dress.

Flower print cardigan.

1950s purple linen dress with lace trim.

Sunshine orange blouse, Epic by Evan-Picone.

Flower vine print shirtwaist dress, by Kerrybrooke.

Azure blouse with big moonglow buttons.

Damask print dress, by Berkshire.

Chocolate brown print oxford.

1950s mustard plaid dress, by Stacy Ames.

Prism print op-art blouse.

Blue and white ticking stripe print day dress.

1950s black cotton blouse with nifty buttons.

1950s ruffled plaid shirtwaist dress with belt.

Rooftops print top, by Aileen.

1950s aqua shirtwaist dress with monogram, by Nantucket Naturals.

Ruffled 1960s neo-Edwardian blouse, by Donnkenny.

Periwinkle, olive, and rose print taffeta dress with belt.

Tapestry paisley print blouse.

Chinoiserie toile voile dress, by Jonathan Logan.

1950s blue and olive green paisley print oxford blouse, by Shapely Classic.

Teal vine print cotton and piqué day dress.

1950s Oktoberfest dirndl with corset bodice, by Parklane Juniors.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

o pioneers!

First things first: congratulations to Mary of Mary Van Notes who won a $50.00 Small Earth Vintage buying spree, courtesy the giveaway hosted by Erin of calivintage! Thanks to Erin and all who entered. For those who didn't win, you can still use the calivintage 20% off code for a couple more days (see Erin's blog for details).

And second things second: we're taking a short vacation next week. The shop will remain open, but there will be no shipping between Tuesday 8/24 and Friday 8/27. Shipping will resume again on Monday, 8/30.

Now on to the title of this post...

I feel like I'm posing for a Willa Cather book cover (O Pioneers!? My Antonia?) in this photo. I love the collar on this dress, which was a recent estate sale buy. I wore it thrifting with Andy this past weekend.

We didn't do anything too pioneering, thrift-wise, but we were very excited to find this great dog painting to add to the collection. Best of all it's in a nice old and clunky frame.

Some of my other cool finds were discovered while walking down the street in Spring Lake. I thought this little sign (on the sewer) was a nifty way to remind people that their castoff waste does end up in the waterways. As I was photographing it, a couple of joggers came by and asked "What is it?" obviously thinking I was photographing something gruesome. "Um, it's just a thing on a drain..."

After taking the photo, I went back to the truck, where Andy told me there was another such sign. I'm always fascinated when I see things on the street made by East Jordan Ironworks. They're a company in Michigan, up near Charlevoix, that has been an operating foundry since the 1880s.

I hope your weekend had a little pioneering adventure and some sweet finds, too!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

$50 giveaway at calivintage! (and a shop accessories preview)

(cool graphic courtesy Erin of calivintage)

You knew Small Earth Vintage was having a $50 giveaway over at the calivintage blog, right? Well, if you didn't you'd better scoot on over there right now and check it out! There may also be a bit of a sale code in it for you, too.

Here's a peek at the accessories coming to the shop shortly.

Pewter and dove gray raffia pillbox hat with white rose.

Amazing mod velvet bow cloche by Lilly Daché Young Modes.

Steel blue velour cap with beading.

Forest green suede alpine style hat, by Joy Dorcey.

Feather and flowers millinery hat.

Beaded velvet saucer hat, by Norman Durand.

Red wicker weave flats, by Etienne Aigner.

1940s midnight blue oxfords, by Locke.

Frye cowgirl boots.

1940s rhinestone embellished high heel sandals, by Carmellettes ("Shoes for the Lovely"--!!!).

Wingtip oxford flats, by Grandeur.

1940s snakeskin heels with box! Slingsters by Dickerson.

1980s patent bow flats, by Capezio.

Sweet tooled leather woodland theme wallet.

Tapestry mini purse, by Walborg.

1970s mahogany Etienne Aigner logo clasp clutch.

Tooled leather western purse.

Vera Neumann autumn roses scarf.

Arrow through my heart pin.

Rhinestone cameo pin.

Mid-century Lux alarm clock.



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