Monday, August 17, 2009

a new look

Hey, check it out! Been blogging three whole weeks and the blog already has a new look! Well, it's fitting, because Andy painted me a pretty new backdrop, so my photos will have a new look now, too. As much as I loved having our well-weathered deck and the beautiful maple as a background, I think the plainer backdrop shows off the clothes better. What do you think?

Here is part two of this week's Etsy shop preview. The first photo was taken "old style", for reference.

Mod black-and-white dress in a waffle weave.
mod waffle weave black and white dress

1960s batik print roll collar wiggle dress.
roll collar batik print wiggle dress

1940s chevron stripe and lace blouse.
1940s white chevron and lace blouse

1940s print shirtwaist dress.
1940s print shirtwaist day dress

Teal cotton sateen party dress.
teal print cotton sateen party dress

Cherry red blouse with pintuck front and embroidered collar.
cherry red pintucks + embroidered collar blouse

1940s navy day dress.
1940s navy day dress

1960s paisley day dress.
paisley day dress

1950s purple blouse with interesting button placket.
purple fancy button placket pima cotton blouse

Abstract print tiered skirt party dress.
tiered skirt party dress

Golden brown plaid wiggle dress.
plaid wiggle dress

1960s harvest print blouse.
harvest print blouse

And it just wouldn't be an update without Jonathan Logan! Blue/green floral print Jonathan Logan party dress.
blue party dress

Please let me know what you think of the new photos.



  1. The new backdrop is nice! However, I'm a huge fan of the weathered table that you use to display your smaller items.

    Also that teal sateen party dress is lovely!

  2. Thank you, Amanda. :) I guarantee that the peely-paint table will still be used for shoes and accessories. I'd like to find some way to keep using the old crates, too.

  3. I have to admit, I just love the deck too, (maybe just because I don't have one) but the new background does show detail a little clearer. What a sweet boy to do that for you. :)
    Btw, I think Mad Men fans must be going crazy for your shop, Karen. These classy dresses have me wishing I had something fancy planned. I want to get all purdied up in all of them! ;)

  4. I love that Jonathon Logan blue/green dress! Love love love it!

  5. Jessica--the deck is great, as long as you're not out there during Mosquito Time! I love photographing out there, though. Yep, I'm lucky; Andy is pretty handy (rhyme), and *very* sweet. :)

    Little Miss Emma--thank you! I could probably open a Jonathan Logan only shop; I keep finding these dress/jacket combos. They're all so cute, but I wish I had them in a variety of sizes.

  6. Love that abstract print black and white dress! A gem!


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