Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer sale

Starts tomorrow in the Etsy shop and ends on Tuesday morning July 5 at 12:00 am EST!


happiness is

...a big fat stack of books on my bedside table.

What's making you happy?

Read any great books lately?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

stripes forever

My dad--second from left in plaid shirt--and friends in cool striped shirts, circa late 1940s.

The first items of clothing I ever bought for myself were two striped shirts, identical except for their color (one was red and white, the other blue and white).  I was 12, it was 1981, and I bought these with allowance money earned mowing the lawn.  I think I bought them at the mall.  I was a few years away from being a cool thrift store shopper.

I'm feeling the stripe love again lately.  (Well, honestly, it never left me.  I've posted here previously about my chevron stripe love.)  It started up again in earnest when I saw the Coco avant Chanel biopic, specifically when Audrey Tatou wore a version of the wonderful outfit below.

This got me searching for Breton stripe shirts and sweaters.  (You can read a really interesting history of the Breton sailor shirt in fashion in this old article from The Independent.)  Which also led me to a sometimes-frustrating trip through Etsy on a search for Breton striped items.  So I expanded my search to just striped items, and did find some neat stuff.  Check it out!

Adorable felt Claude brooch, from poosac.

Obviously, it's not just the stripes that make this sundress amazing.  From MsZinski.

Stripes and a bateau neck on this fab sweater from pineapplemint.

Gorgeous 1940s olive and black striped skirt.  From HeyViv.

This striped knit cap with anchor applique from dollsandrobots is so cute--I'm quite disappointed it only comes in children's sizes!

I really wish this amazing green dress from TopSpecialVintage was my size!


Monday, June 27, 2011

shades, specs, and things for your home

Some wonderful vintage eyewear, plus a few other accessories and home decor items coming to the shop shortly.

1960s striped sunglasses.

1950s aluminum Shuron eyeglass frames.

1960s black plastic Liberty frames.

1960s tortoise shell plastic Liberty frames.

1950s slate blue French sunglasses.

1960s Luxottica metal and plastic frames.

1950s rhinestone-studded aluminum cat's eye frames, by Artcraft.

1960s smoky gray plastic frames, by American Optical.

Vintage eyeglass frames with original case.

1960s mod plastic serving trays, by Deka Plastics.

Two 1950s plastic children's cups.

Mod red plastic Dansk pitcher.

Deadstock Lilly Pulitzer butterfly print fabric.

Wonderful vintage fencing scarf.

Vintage canvas miliary backpack with leather straps.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

jazz age young americans

Some 1920s goodness from my treasure trove of family photos--hope you enjoy!

I love this photo.  Unidentified couple, found in my family photos.  Very F. Scott and Zelda!

My paternal grandfather, Dan, circa 1925.  That hair!

This is my grandfather in his church group production of Man of the Hour, in 1925.

My grandfather--prominent hair and ears--is on the right.  I'm loving the two fellows with the eye makeup on the top left side--such thespians!  Everyone is so well-dressed.

Dan (far left) as a member of the wedding (unsure whose).  I am in love with the tea-length dresses on the women, and the amazing hats.

My adorable paternal grandmother, Edna, in a posed photo, circa 1920s.

I have a bunch of great photos of Edna from the 1920s, and I'm going to save some for a later post.  But for now, I give you three photos of Edna in knickers!  I love these photos.  This first might be my favorite: knickers, a bow tie, and striped stockings!

This photo was marked "Edna and Leon, 1925."  We're not sure who Leon was--maybe a boyfriend?  Love that they're posing on the train tracks.  Um, and that both are wearing knickers!

Edna on the left, and my dad thinks that's one of Edna's sisters (likely Marty) on the right.  I am loving Marty's headband and scarf.

This is a rare early photo of my maternal grandmother Marian, circa 1929 or 1930, in her elementary school graduation photo.  Doesn't she look mature for 13 or 14?  I certainly did not look nearly so self-possessed or lovely at that age.  (I was gawky, uber-freckley, and wearing a Gunne Sax outfit at my grade school graduation.)   This photo is very special to me, as I never got to meet Marian, who died before I was born.

I'll be sharing more 1920s family photos in a future post.  Maybe it's just the sheen of nostalgia, but it seems to me as though everyone dressed better (the shoes alone!), and looked prettier and more handsome--despite having much less money and smaller wardrobes--than we do.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sunshine superman

Since yesterday was the summer solstice (and it was still light out at 10 pm here!), I think it's fitting that this shop preview should contain lots of bright color and some fun prints--plus a bit of swimwear!

1960s pink and gold abstract print dress, by Smartee Togs of Texas. 

1960s navy blue maillot swimsuit with buckle at bust.

1960s rose print linen scooter dress, by Cherberg.

1960s striped boatneck sailor t-shirt.

1950s white and blue loop-de-loop neckline dress, by Carlye (a special listing to benefit the dogs and cats of Denver's MaxFund no-kill animal shelter!).

1960s Morris wallpaper print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1960s combed cotton peacock margarita print dress.

1950s olive green blouse, by Maryell.

1950s black eyelet lace wiggle dress and jacket.

1970s pinstripes and ruffles maillot, by Oscar de la Renta.

1960s phases of the moon crepe dress. 

1960s golfing birds novelty print blouse, by Louise Suggs.

1930s Asian boating print chiffon dress.

1960s polished cotton medieval print blouse, by Adelaar.

1960s fruit print voile pleated skirt and bow blouse set.

1960s blue atomic print blouse, by Majestic.

1950s botany print shirtwaist dress.



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