Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday evening shop preview

I'm a little behind on this week's preview, and there's a lot of it. But it's fun stuff--two new L'Aiglon dresses, a Givenchy juniors dress, and another fab print from my new favorite dressmaker, Joan Miller!

1950s white sailor/middy blouse.
1950s sailor middy blouse

1950s Joan Miller Juniors sailing ship print dress.
sailboat print Joan Miller Juniors dress

Close-up of the print. I love the prints on these Joan Miller dresses. The charming black little birds dress in the shop right now is also Joan Miller.
detail Joan Miller print

1960s portable sewing/crafting caddy.
1960s portable sewing/crafting caddy

1960s white woven purse by Danieli.
White woven purse by Danieli

Mod lemon yellow swiss dot and navy pinstripe shift dress.
lemon yellow swiss dot and navy pinstripe 1960s shift

Celadon L'Aiglon ruffle-front shirtwaist dress.
celadon L'Aiglon dress

Cos Cob yellow rose blouse.
yellow roses blouse

Mt. Rushmore, squirrels, cowboys--confused or comprehensive souvenir salt and pepper shakers?
souvenir squirrel Mt. Rushmore salt and pepper shakers

Moss green plaid Ann Taylor dress. That Ann Taylor? I think so.
green plaid Ann Taylor dress

Some more Jonathan Logan--nubby pink sundress and cropped jacket.
nubby pink Jonathan Logan sundress + jacket

1962 Seattle World's Fair monorail souvenir glass.
1962 Seattle World's Fair monorail souvenir glass

Slate gray muslin pleated dress
slate gray pleats muslin dress

Chocolate wool boucle pencil skirt.
chocolate wool boucle pencil skirt

Taffeta and chiffon floral party dress.
yellow & amber rose print taffeta party dress

Blue plaid high neck dress.
blue plaid dress

Folklore needlepoint print blouse.
folklore needlepoint print blouse

Lavender Givenchy Juniors dress. This dress has issues--fading at the armpits and elsewhere, a couple tiny holes--but it's too nifty not to sell.
lavender Givenchy juniors dress

L'Aiglon nylon knit abstract cityscape dress.
L'Aiglon cityscape print dress

Jacket with nautical buttons.
jacket with nautical buttons

There's lots more to come, including many more Vera Neumann and Jonathan Logan pieces. I'll probably be posting another preview this week. Oh, and despite all the pretty summer dresses and bright colors that keep calling to me, I'm starting to break into some of the wool skirts--we have some gorgeous plaid pleated and pencil skirts to list--and sweaters, looking forward to autumn and winter. Not to mention coats. And suits. Woo hoo!



  1. My god! This is a great collection of dresses! I may have drooled/gone weak at the knees a bit. I'm a 50s girl :) I must check prices/measurements...

  2. Oh, well now, these aren't listed yet, hahaha. I got myself all excited.

  3. Oh. My. Heart.

    How can you stand it?

  4. That mod lemon yellow / navy pinstripe shift dress is the CUTEST! I'm keeping my eye out for that one...

  5. That ruffled front dress makes me weak in the knees. Seriously!

  6. Cute stuff! BTW, it IS the same Ann Taylor. The chain started out in 1954 with one store in New Haven, CT!

  7. Lizzie--I found that out when I did a little Googling! I also discovered that there is no "Ann Taylor", just like there is no "Jonathan Logan." One source claimed that "Ann" sounded like a "Connecticut" name, and "Taylor" was used as a soundalike for "tailor," but I don't know how true that story is.


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