Friday, August 28, 2015

vintage menswear preview: Oktoberfest hats, chambray shirts and a totally Sinatra fedora

The shop is getting a menswear update with some excellent chambray shirts, a cozy zip-up cardigan, and some very high quality hats, including a 1920s-30s Italian straw boater, an Ol' Blue Eyes-worthy fedora, and three fantastic vintage Alpine hats, ready for your Oktoberfest celebrations!

All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1970s embroidered chambray shirt.

1970s French advertising print disco shirt.

1970s blue chambray and red plaid Levi's western shirt.

1960s zip-up cardigan.

1920s-1930s Italian Genuine Yeddo straw boater.

Vintage Tyrolean hat with feathers and Kitzbühel and Tirol charms.

1950s olive green velour Alpine style hat with feather plume and goose pin, from Saks Fifth Avenue.

1950s black feather fedora by Adam Harvard '40.

1950s-1960s German Lembert deep green Kristall Velour hat with large Gamsbart ("hat beard"--the animal hair fan that often decorates traditional Alpine hats in Austria and Bavaria).


Thursday, August 27, 2015

shop preview: a duck print blouse, the softest cardigan, and 1930s burnout velvet

We're entering that time of year when weather transitions can make dressing a challenge, and this week's shop update has items to help with that:  summer dresses you can layer with cardigans or jackets, long sleeve blouses, dresses that come with jackets, and a cozy and cashmere-soft cardigan.  There's also the most gorgeous 1930s burnout velvet dress, which is taking every ounce of my willpower not to keep!

The first two items are already in the shop; the rest begin arriving today.

1950s raspberry floral print patio dress by Kenrose (in the shop).

1940s Gaslight embroidered rayon blouse, Penny Potter Original by Perry (now in the shop).

1950s fuchsia linen dress and cropped jacket set by Patty Petite.

1950s summer berries print cotton blouse by Shirtmaker.

1960s dark stripe dress with faux pocketwatch charm on the belt by Sue Brett.

1960s psychedelic print midi skirt.

1970s crochet jumpsuit.

1960s Hoffmann linen shift dress by R&K Originals.

1930s indigo floral silk burnout velvet bias cut dress.

1960s duck hunting novelty print blouse by Starlight.

1960s khaki linen sheath dress by Jack Marsee.

Deadstock 1960s blue super-soft lambs wool and fur blend Bobbie Brooks cardigan with tags.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

shop preview: toreador pants, a cut-out back, candy-colored 1940s dresses

Two candy-colored 1940s dresses with blingy belts, amazing 1950s toreador pants, a fabulous opera singer print shirt, and much more coming to the shop this week!  The first two items have already sold; the third 1950s purple floral dress is in the shop now.  Everything else will be in the shop soon!

1960s Thoroughly Modern striped maxi dress with cut-out back, Belfry by Gerald Pierce.

1960s red nautical print cotton tie-waist blouse.

1950s Lilac Mist dress (in the shop!).

1950s opera singers & gramophones print cotton oxford shirt, by Shirtmaker.

1960s girl's plaid dress.

1950s printed corduroy toreador pants by Brookdale Sportog.

1960s primitive print scooter dress / romper with ascot collar by Liberty Circle.

1960s linen color block shift dress by Alison Ayres.

1940s purple crepe dress with studded belt by Minx Modes.

1960s green daisy print sleeveless pintuck blouse.

1940s pink crepe dress with bow collar and studded belt by Minx Modes.

1960s brown and blue plaid cotton pencil skirt by Rose-O-Net.


Monday, August 17, 2015

an idyllic summer

I was recently searching the Google-hosted Life photo archive (which I have to admit I find very confusing to use) for images about summer and came across this collection of beautiful and evocative photos.  I say "collection," but on the site, these are actually called "related images," and since no information about any of them is given whatsoever, I don't actually know that they are all part of the same collection, although some of the same people appear multiple times in the photos.

My guess is that these are from the 1930s, and taken in Europe.  The settings are mostly a seaside beach (beaches?), with some taken in other pastoral locations.  What they all have in common is a feeling of summer joie de vivre, from calisthenics on the beach, to midday naps in the sun, to moments of quiet peace and contemplation.  

Enjoy the photos--there are lots of them--and I hope you're also enjoying your summer.


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