Sunday, August 16, 2009

mad men is back!

Yay! But so is the humidity. Boo. I want Fall, and I want it NOW.

I swam through the humidity to take some photos for next week.

1960s Dior turban hat. Somehow I can see Ms. Holloway rocking it.
Christian Dior turban hat

Gold-embellished blue roses shift. Peggy, I think.
1960s gold-embellished blue rose shift

Lemon lime Vera Neumann cotton tunic. This would be worn by that beatnik chick Don used to bang. (Did I just use the term "bang"? Huh.) Or by Betty, in a "bohemian" moment.
Vera Neumann paisley cotton tunic

1940s day dress. Wrong era, so...Peggy's mom?
Green and white 1940s cotton day dress with bow

Sepia plaid ruffle bottom dress. I'm thinking Peggy, but I might be influenced by the plaid she was wearing tonight.
Sepia plaid ruffle bottom shift dress

1960s Gabar swimsuit. Betty or Peggy.
1960s Gabar swimsuit

Black vinyl 1960s suitcase. Don! Or little Sally.
1960s black vinyl suitcase

Jonathan Logan floral sundress and matching cropped jacket. Joan!
1950s floral print Jonathan Logan sundress and jacket

I'll post the rest tomorrow. Tomorrow's photos will have a new backdrop that Andy painted for me. I think it shows off the items better, but you'll have to let me know what you think.


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