Sunday, August 30, 2009

plaids and sweaters and wool, oh my!

Here is the clothing portion of this week's shop preview, which features all of the above plus three Vera blouses, a L'Aiglon dress, and much more. Tomorrow, time and weather permitting, I'll be photographing some great new shoes, boots (deadstock!), and suitcases.

Without further ado...

I call this the Rosemary's Baby Bridal Gown, which is kind of creepy if you've seen the movie, but can't you just picture Mia Farrow in it?

Hand screenprinted floral angora and wool cardigan.

Red wool plaid pleated skirt jumper.

Autumn stone fruits dress.

Red plaid tie-waist blouse by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.

Teal and olive wool boucle jumper.

L'Aiglon nylon dress.

Paisley wool crepe pencil skirt by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.

Cherry red wide wale corduroy jumper.

Gray plaid 1950s career girl dress and jacket.

1960s yellow and gray Vera Neumann cotton blouse.

Navy polka-dot shawl collar dress.

Drum print blouse.

Chocolate brown semi-sheer dress with mother-of-pearl buttons.

1960s olive, chartreuse and red Vera Neumann cotton tunic.

My new favorite dress! By GiGi Young New York.

Ivory satin and sequin embossed rosebud cardigan.

1950s olive and plaid dress by Nelly Don.

Wool plaid pleated skirt by Koret of California.

Wool plaid wiggle dress by Sue Brett.

Charcoal gray rose print cardigan.

Vera Neumann blue and tan swirl print cotton tunic.

And last, but by no means least, THE BEST cardigan! Mid-century modern leaf print by James Kenrob by Dalton.

Some good stuff here, no? Fall is definitely in the air around here--we had mac and cheese for dinner, which is a definite sign.

Have a great week and stay tuned for a shoes and accessories preview soon!



  1. ooo, i want the blue and tan vera! could you reserve it for me? - if it's from that same estate, it should fit. i'll pay for it straight away!

  2. Hey Alex! It *is* from the same estate, but the clothing is in a range of sizes. This tunic is a bit bigger than the others. I'll let you know when I list it so you can check the measurements and everything before you decide.

  3. SO lovely! Lots of loud prints here, that's my kinda thing! ;)

  4. Yeah, I have to admit, my eye is very much drawn to the bright colors and patterns. :)

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