Saturday, August 8, 2009

rainy day previews + a thrifty linen water recipe

I intended to take a lot more photos today, but it looks like the rain is getting in my way. It's not so bad though. TCM is playing Bette Davis movies all day, and I have so much laundering and mending to do, I won't complain about the rain. (Speaking of laundering: can I just tell you right now how filled with glee I am about Biz? That stuff is magical! I soaked the Givenchy juniors dress that I didn't think at all salvagable in it, and though the armpits are permanently faded, it took out all the yellowing. I now have hope for all the adorable white blouses in the stash, and can't wait to start cleaning them! Kind of sad, the level of excitement I'm experiencing over detergent. Oh well.)

Oh, and one more laundry-related topic. I decided I wanted a nice-smelling linen spray (scented detergents and Febreze are, in my opinion, nasty, and make my nose hurt) and found
this recipe. It's for an 8 oz bottle, and mine is 22 oz. I adjusted the recipe a bit because the amount of EO used seemed high. The $9.99 bottle of lavender EO I had contained one tablespoon, and I couldn't see using the whole bottle in one measly 8 oz spray. So I used about 3/4 Tbsp (10 ml), 2 1/2 cups distilled water, and about 1/4 cup vodka. The scent is nice and strong, and it really makes ironing a bit less torturous. AND I decided to be REALLY thrifty, and bought some mega-bottles of lemon and lavender oils from (they have great prices on many of the health food store brands I like, like Tom's of Maine, Seventh Generation, etc.). They sell a 4 ounce bottle (8 times the $9.99 bottle I had) of NOW Foods brand lavender oil for $14.99. One important thing to note: when deciding on an oil for your linen water, be sure to choose a light-colored one, so you won't risk staining the garment.

And now, on to the rainy day preview...all items coming to the Etsy shop this week!

Sleek black 1950s L'Aiglon dress; you can't see in this photo, but the fabric has a really cool diagonal rib.
1950s black L'Aiglon wiggle dress

Horse and clover print 1970s blouse by Vera Neumann.
1970s Vera Neumann mint-on-white horse print blouse

Beautiful 1950s blue suede pumps with cutouts at toes, by De Angelo.
beautiful 1940s or 1950s blue suede pumps with diamond cutouts at toes

1960s blue flying saucer hat:
1960s flying saucer ? hat

Great transition-to-fall dress in plaid seersucker by Jonathan Logan.
1950s seersucker plaid dress

1950s plaid blouse with big button tabs at waist.
1950s big buttons top

Mod floral sleepover suitcase.
mod green floral mini-suitcase

Buttercup dress, with nubby chenille texture.
nubby chenille texture buttercups dress

Uber-pleated! Peridot dress.
peridot knife pleated dress

Crazy canary mod raffia hat with tassel.
1960s yellow raffia hat with tassel

1950s back-to-school plaid dress, an R&K Original.
plaid back-to-school dress by R&K Original



  1. smart! and i agree, fabreeze is toxic. my mom sent me the vodka tip a while back but I have yet to try. somehow all the vodka in this house gets ingested rather than sprayed...

  2. Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhh! WHEN are you listing those shoes? And that last dress!? DIVINE!

  3. No wait...when are you listing the black dress and the plaid one! You have got some outstanding stuff girl!

  4. I am a big fan of vintage fashion and your blog is just fabulous. Nice selection of beautiful dresses and blouses.


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