Monday, March 31, 2014

Elsa Peretti's Tuscan tower, and the right-click

I like pretty pictures.  Who doesn't?  Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr (and I'm a fairly avid user of both) cater to this, inundating (overwhelming?) the user with thousands of beautiful images.  However, I also love information.  How frustrating it is to see a photo of a delicious-looking cocktail or meal on Pinterest, only to click the image and have it not lead to a recipe.  (Some people, apparently, are really just into beautiful pictures of food, and not the food itself.)  As much as I like pictures of beautiful things, most of the time I find that my appreciation of the image is much enhanced by having some information about it.

Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg

That's when I find the right-click useful.  When you right-click a photo (using Google Chrome anyway), one of the options you get is "Search Google for this image."  (You can also search using the Google Image Search, here...but it's a lot quicker to just right click.)  When I saw the above photo in my Tumblr feed, it had no caption, and led nowhere.  I right-clicked and, voila!  I found a post on an interior design blog with a host of information.  This photo was taken in La Torre, the Tuscan holiday retreat of jewelry designer Elsa Peretti.  La Torre is a 16th century watchtower, and rather than whitewash the walls and keep the interiors (historically accurately) bare, Peretti and her architect, Renzo Mongiardino, decided to go full-on fantasy, creating a fairy tale-like atmosphere with trompe l'oeil effects like the incredible fireplace you see here. 

Spiral stairs that lead to a rooftop terrace.  |  Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg.

The right click doesn't always work.  Often, it leads only to thousands of Pinterest or Tumblr "sources" which have no further information about the photo.  But I've found it's always worth the couple of seconds it takes to click and look.

A collection of paintings hanging on a wall painted with stripes in Peretti's bedroom.  |  Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg.

The bathroom has both real terracotta tiles, and trompe l'oeil stenciled ones.  |  Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg.

The guest room, with its beautifully stenciled walls.  |  Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg.

 You can see and read more about La Torre at The Art of the Room.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

shop preview: shoes, bags and bow ties

A cute pair of mod shoes (with the best name!), some lovely little handbags, and a fantastic collection of bow ties, are all headed for the shop, starting today.

Mod 1960s midnight blue leather and suede buckle shoes--Stride Rite Dollystompers!

Indian print handbag with bamboo handle, by Morris Moskowitz.

1960s navy blue convertible clutch with enamel flower clasp, by Andé.

Floral tapestry clutch purse.

1976 Illini brass belt buckle.

Colorful striped silk shantung adjustable length bow tie.

Soldier novelty print cotton bow tie, by Rooster.

Red plaid adjustable length thistle shape bow tie.

Batik print cotton adjustable length bow tie.

Antelope and branch pattern gold silk brocade adjustable length bow tie.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

shop preview: polka dots, a lush floral print, and love birds

Lush spring flowers, polka dot taffeta, pink tweed, sunshine plaid...and sweet love birds.  So much good stuff coming to the shop this week (starting 
today)--enjoy the preview!

1940s gingham and polka dot taffeta SWING TIME dress with velvet bow.

1940s pink wool tweed swing coat, by Americana.

1950s sunshine cotton plaid dress with button details.

1940s black peplum blouse trimmed in faceted jet beads.

1940s cocoa brown print dress with sailor collar, by Cay Artley.

LOVE BIRDS embroidered blue gingham western shirt.

1960s COPPER GREEN gradient pintucks sheath dress (pine green voile over a copper lining!).

1950s brown buffalo plaid cotton full skirt.

1940s black crepe dress with lace collar, by Herbert Levy.

1940s brown rayon blouse with lace insets, by Dorothy Korby.

1960s spring flowers print cotton sundress.

1940s soutache-covered jacket.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

shop preview and a Spring Sale

Art Deco and floral prints, glamorous pink satin, yellow striped cotton, and much more in this week's shop preview.

And it's also Spring Sale time!  All items in the shop are marked down 25% now until midnight EST on Monday, March 24.

Deadstock 1940s pink floral satin brocade housecoat/gown with silver glitter buttons, by Saybury.

1980s Lanz yellow and white striped cotton two piece dress (the top and skirt button together) with giant pockets.

1940s gingham check wool cropped jacket.

1960s plaid mini dress by Robbie Rivers.

1940s chocolate brown mohair knit shawl/wrap.

Late 1910s-early 1920s Deco print day dress.

1950s printed cotton sleeveless blouse.

1960s baskets of flowers print dress, Country Clothes by Serbin.

1970s cardigan with embroidered pastel flowers, by LeRoy Knitwear.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

shop preview: paisley voile, floral print cotton and corduroy, and patchwork madras plaid

This shop preview looks ready for spring!  All items arriving in the shop starting today. 

1950s green paisley print dress with satin piping by L'Aiglon.

1960s printed corduroy and purple nylon reversible White Stag jacket.

1950s mustard and pink woven floral ribbons dress, by Lady Alice.

1950s floral print cotton blouse by Miss Fashionality.

1960s lime green and turquoise circle print ruffle dress.

1980s raspberry pink prep stripe cotton cardigan by Lily's of Beverly Hills.

1960s Stone Fruit print voile dress with bow belt.

1960s blue neo-toile print sleeveless blouse.

1950s blue and green tie dye print dress with pintucks and button detail at front bodice, by Kay Whitney.

1960s reversible hooded madras plaid patchwork/blue chambray jacket.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

shop accessories preview: boots, scarves and bow ties

The shop will soon be home to some great boots, deadstock canvas sneakers (just in time for spring), charming silk scarves and bow ties!  All arriving in the shop starting this week.

1970s brown leather Ferragamo boots with brogue details.

1960s cocoa brown buckle pumps by Ray Ehringer/Johansen.

1960s Red Wing Irish Setter boots.

Deadstock 1970s blue canvas sneakers.

Bone white leather Acme cowgirl boots with stack heels.

1960s flower print silk Vera Neumann scarf.

1950s silk Time Keepers print scarf by Symphony.

1960s Vera Neumann crescents and clover scarf.

Red Martini Olive brocade clip-on bow tie.

Dot print silk thistle shape adjustable bow tie.

Printed silk adjustable bat wing bow tie.

Blue and red brocade clip-on bow tie.



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