Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday night shop preview

A *big* Sunday shop sneak preview this week! All kinds of items--things that would make great gifts for others or for yourself.

And just a reminder: one more day left in our big 20% off sale!

Angelic piper pin.

Rose pin.

Marsand camera case.

1950s russet ribbon hat.

1950s feathered Merrimac hat by Roberta Bernays.

1950s beribboned cloche by Monsieur Peter.

Horsie wallet!

Another silver glitter clutch purse. (I noticed J Crew is hawking these. Here's your chance to get a vintage original!)

1950s or 60s deadstock (with tag) men's nautical cotton shirt.

Stetson feather fedora. (Cute model, huh?)

Honey suede Nocona cowgirl boots.

1960s black bow pumps.

1980s plaid Christmas Converse hi-tops with jingle bells at the heels. Oh yeah--deadstock, with box!

1950s nubby mauve wool blend cardigan sweater and skirt by Kimberly Knitwear.

Pine and gold wool plaid knickers.

Fanciful floral wool cardigan.

1950s blue plaid dress with rhinestone buttons and ribbon at neck.

1960s paprika plaid pencil skirt by Bernhard Altmann.

1950s cotton coat of arms print blouse.

1960s pink and orange peacock feather print shift dress.

1950s green and gray wool plaid pleated skirt.

Red wool blend houndstooth and flower print sweater.

1950s nautical black dress with eyelet lace trim.



...for a vintage clothing seller is seeing someone wearing something that you've sold them! This is the lovely Elaine, who looks absolutely smashing in this vintage oversize houndstooth print 1950s dress that she purchased from Small Earth.

Y'know, I always kind of pooh pooh the idea that clothing must be seen on a live model. I'm very happy using my mannequin and dress form...until I see a photo like this! She is adorable and I cannot imagine anyone (or any mannequin, certainly!) making the dress look any better.

Thank you, Elaine, for allowing me to post this. Oh, and if you want to see this photo more clearly you can visit it
here on Elaine's Flickr photostream, where she not only models some other Small Earth Vintage garments (*love* her holiday party shots wearing our mustard sheath dress and a fabulous fascinator!), but also has the most beautiful vacation photos of Switzerland and Greece that fill me with the a huge longing to travel.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

holiday sale!

Need party frocks or holiday gifts? Need neither, but want to treat yourself to something special? 20% off everything in the SmallEarthVintage shop now until 11/30!

xo K

Thursday, November 26, 2009


To be living here.

With this boy who makes me laugh.

And this exceptionally cute dog.

To have the world's best parents.

And a best friend who likes the things I like (handy especially when it comes to sharing food!).

And old friends who love to dance.

And this, of course!

And finally, to have "met"--via blogs and the various wonders of the virtual world--so many fabulous, smart, funny and beautiful vintage lovers!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a very Lucky shop preview

For those who haven't already heard (I've been excitedly posting about it everywhere, as have several of my wonderful friends on Facebook!), Small Earth Vintage was featured as a favorite Etsy shop on by writer Jennifer Romolini! It's a lovely piece, and as a longtime Lucky subscriber (initially because I'd heard they were run in large part by former Sassy staffers--oh, Sassy, how I still miss you!), I am so excited, flattered...and still fairly stunned. You can click the link or photo above to go read the great piece.

But life goes on, and in that vein, here is a preview of items coming to the shop shortly.

Caramel and chocolate suede cape with white leather accents.

A kind of wild fuchsia and kelly green rose brocade pleated skirt.

Mustard and gray sweater with little hip pockets.

Blue plaid dress with pleated skirt.

A nubby brown wool tweed skirt.

1950s celadon cotton faille shirtwaist dress with belt.

1940s striped and pleated wool skirt.

A cardigan embroidered with golden roses.

Smashing 1960s tuxedo front dress.

Cotton gold and silver folklore paisley print blouse by Lady Arrow.

1950s L'Aiglon floral print skirt and blouse.

1950s saffron wool plaid pleated skirt.

Vermilion wool fair isle cardigan sweater.

An emerald green wool tweed wiggle dress by Saks Fifth Avenue.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

22 questions from a great inspiration!

I was tagged by the lovely Lauren of Dear Golden--super-flattering because I love her blog, her fabulous style, and her amazing Etsy shop! She is an inspiration. I'm not one to post many pictures of myself, but I love Lauren's outfit posts, and inspired by Lauren, here I am in one of my favorite vintage dresses.

Lauren and I have never met (though she lives only a couple of hours from me), but as with so many of the wonderful vintage lovers I follow online, I get the feeling we'd get along like a house on fire. So thank you, dear Lauren, for passing this on to me. It was really fun reading her answers; here are mine:

1. Your hair? Continuously graying! And I'm okay with that.

2. Your favorite food? A difficult choice between the bacon and the french fry.

3. Your favorite drink? Stephani's Manhattans, Andy's coffee, water, local beer.

4. Your dream/goal? To do more travel in Europe. And to continue to make a living selling vintage clothing.

5. Your hobby? Reading.

6. Your fear? Illness.

7. Where were you last night? Right here at home, recuperating after an exceptionally fun weekend in Detroit.

8. Something you say all the time? What a mishegoss! (ever since my friend Kurt taught me what
mishegoss means. Though it seems like I should properly be saying "What mishegoss!" instead.)

9. Something that you're not? Moderate.

10. Wishlist item? A sample of the new Serge Lutens scent, Fille en Aiguilles.

11. Last thing you did? Rinsed a vintage blouse out!

12. What are you wearing? A very boring, typical working-at-home outfit: Levi's, t-shirt, sweatshirt. But I do have on cool Pearl Izumi socks with martinis on them.

13. Your pets? Lucy, a terrier mutt who has her own theme song ("Hey Big Spender").

14. Friends? Are too far away.

15. Missing someone? The New Yorkers, as always.

16. Something you're not wearing? Shoes.

17. Your favorite store?
LafcoNY--the actual, physical store in NYC.

18. Your favorite color? Black, red, gray, mustard.

19. The last time you cried? I can't probably had something to do with a dog on TV. That's what usually gets me all verklempt.

20. Whens the last time you laughed? Earlier today at Lucy.

21. One place that I go to over and over? My basement photo studio!

22. Where do you eat? Here at home, usually, from the kitchen of Chef Andy, but also as much as possible at the delicious

And just as Lauren tagged me, I'm passing this along to a few other inspirational bloggers whose answers to the above I'd love to read:

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

shop preview potpourri

Shoes, boots, gloves, purses, a camera, dresses, even some men's items, are in the second of this week's shop previews. A little something for everyone--and (unlike a certain cape that was in the last blog preview) I promise not to keep any of it for myself this time!

Deadstock 1970s deep brown leather and suede foldover boots.

Tulip-embroidered deadstock 1960s pumps.

Silvery 1960s key flats!

1960s pale yellow pumps.

Sepia and chocolate brown purse.

1960s vinyl faux croc purse.

Buttery yellow French leather gloves by Kislav.

Brass art nouveau man in the moon buckle.

Argus camera and leather case.

1960s red paisley print draped collar wiggle dress.

Pink zigzag sweater.

Black and white wool flannel ruffle dress.

Green and black plaid pleat-front wool skirt.

1950s chevron stripe dress.

Courvoisier Girl disco shirt!

1970s blue suede jacket.

1950s cream and coffee wool plaid dress by Parade New York.



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