Monday, August 3, 2009

One of those days

That's what today was. Everything and everyone was conspiring against me with slowness, disorganization, or just plain stupidity, and I found it really hard to get anything done. Well, I did manage to get something done, and listed a few of the new goodies in my Etsy shop. You can click that there link to visit, or click my Etsy Mini over there in the righthand margin (which also shows you the latest items in the shop, handy!) --->.

I had strawberries and Swedish cream for dessert tonight (from
this Mark Bittman Bitten post), which helped a little. Because isn't anything Swedish always better than anything not-Swedish?

But I also plan to end my evening with a smile by viewing the wonderful
Flickr photostream of * Eartha Kitsch *. She has an amazing home, style, and sense of humor. Her home definitely fulfills that Twin Peaks/cabin-y/lodge-y/1950s thing that I love so much. Go check it out--you won't be sorry!

And now on to the new goods! Here are photos of blouses and dresses coming to the Etsy shop this week. First, this 1960s linen wiggle dress by Alison Ayres:
Teal and chartreuse linen wiggle dress

The cutest and funniest chicken and herb print novelty print blouse by Cos Cob!

Chicken and herbs novelty print blouse!

My FAVORITE dress of the Big Score so far, this olive and bronze polka-dot print taffeta party dress:

Olive and bronze polka-dot taffeta party dress

A silk scarf-neck blouse by Bill Atkinson, Glen of Michigan.

Silk floral print scarf-neck blouse

Creamsicle gingham shirtwaist dress.

Orange sherbet gingham picnic dress

Purple sateen ascot neck blouse.
Purple sateen ascot neck blouse

Green and yellow floral print party dress.
Green and yellow floral print party dress

I also photographed several hats this weekend. I'll post those tomorrow.
'Night all--here is to a better, more productive day tomorrow!


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. :)

    Oh! These clothes! Are they all from the teeny tiny lady? They're gorgeous!


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