Wednesday, June 24, 2015

shop preview: summer fun wear!

Although fall and winter fashions tend to be my favorites to wear, summer clothes are definitely the most fun to sell!  They are colorful, with all kinds of prints and textures, and photographing them is (usually) a breeze.  This week's shop preview features a swell array of summer items:  swimwear, loungewear, an old timey car novelty print blouse, colorful taffeta stripes, and a romper with a Klee-like print.  (And it's just by chance that there are three very different items--a dress, a swimsuit and a robe--made from that quintessentially summer fabric, seersucker, in this update!)  All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1960s Heart Garden cotton romper/playsuit.

1950s Catalina red, white and blue seersucker strapless swimsuit.

1970s colorful daisy print sheer seersucker maxi dress.

1970s blue chambray blouse with floral embroidered sleeves.

1950s nautical red swimsuit, by Petti/Glen Junior Sportswear.

1960s old timey car novelty print blouse, by Land 'n Sea.

1940s floral print seersucker cotton robe.

1950s colorfully striped taffeta full skirt, by Emmy Richards Fashions Boston.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

shop preview: purple pansies, champagne charmeuse and berry colored plaid

Coming to the shop this week:  purple pansies, batiste cotton and lace, champagne charmeuse, gray accordion pleats, and black and white chrysanthemums!  All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s purple pansy print sundress, by Serbin.

1940s white lace and batiste Judy Bond blouse.

1950s black & white chrysanthemum print polished cotton Plutzer Prize Winner dress.

1940s plum geometric weave skirt with buttons.

1950s pink gingham sundress with flower appliques.

1940s champagne charmeuse and lace dressing gown/robe.

1950s daisy grid print cotton dress with rick rack trim, by Princess Peggy.

1960s daisy medallion print cotton shift dress.

1950s orange floral print cotton dress with piping.

1970s abstract print cotton tunic with obi sash, by Catherine Ogust.

1940s-1950s berry plaid dress with great pocket details, by Hattie Leeds.

1940s gray accordion pleat skirt, Tailored by Eton.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

shop accessories preview: Converse, bags, eyewear, and colorful clogs

Vintage Converse Chuck Taylors, a couple of great handbags, eyewear, a towel for crybabies, and some colorful clogs are all coming to the shop!

1980s lavender Converse Chuck Taylor high tops.

Vintage made in USA white Converse low top sneakers.

1980s red plaid Jantzen sneakers.

Yellow and black polka dot Olof Daughters by Ulla clogs, made in Sweden.

1980s sky blue square toe clogs, by Tretorn Trälett.

1960s leafy vine tapestry handbag.

1940s black leather barrel shaped purse, Michel Original by Coronet.

1940s snakeskin pattern eyeglasses, by Bausch & Lomb.

1950s etched silver browline half frame glases with cable temples, by Shuron.

1970s Praise the Lord Jesus brass belt buckle.

1978 affectionate pigs silvertone belt buckle, by Rachelle.

1970s brass arrowhead belt buckle.

1950s silly novelty linen Crying Towel.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

shop preview: tulip prints, mustard linen, delicate lace, and a gorgeous haori

This week's shop update has two different tulip prints, lots of lovely lace, a sprinkle of sparkle from sequins and rhinestones, and a beautiful 1940s haori!

All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1960s Soirée Indien maxi dress.

1970s Secret Garden photo print blouse.

1950s floral lace and peach chiffon dress, by Junior Theme.

1960s black sequin top, by Susan Gale.

1960s bright floral print dress with rhinestone buttons and belt.

1960s olive cotton capri pants with embroidered chain pocket detail.

1960s pale mustard linen and lace dress.

1960s orange tulip print sundress.

1960s blue folk tulip print shift dress with ruffles, by Miss Elaine.

1940s floral print rayon haori.

1940s brown cotton and white piqué day dress.

1950s white nylon and lace blouse.


Friday, June 5, 2015

i spy: sad Don, a gorgeous menu, and great NYC street style

May is over and seemed to go by really quickly, too.  If this collage were a realistic depiction of my brain in May, it would be 95% Mad Men and 5% dogs.

You can see more by following my Pinterest and/or Tumblr.

* I still can't get used to the fact that there is no more Mad Men.  I know.  I'm as sad as Don curled up in a fetal position. | coffee-and-classic-rock Tumblr
* Photographer Dan Bannino decided to help raise money for shelter dogs by photographing them posed as famous writers, and it is a wondrous thing indeed!  How cute is this little dog in Emily Dickinson drag?  Follow my link to Buzzfeed to see more of these great photos. | Buzzfeed
* I've been perusing the many fashion-related items in the New York Public Library digital collections, and the illustrations by André-Edouard Marty are consistently favorites.  This is a 1921 illustrated ad for a Paul Poiret dress. | NYPL Digital Collections
* A simply gorgeous 1960s menu from the Bay View Hotel in Bodega Bay, California.  The Los Angeles Public Library's online collection of menus is a surprisingly beautiful place to browse. | Los Angeles Public Library
* Great NYC street style from The Sartorialist.  I love her outfit (and the touch of mustard from her blouse), but most of all that excellent, Howard's End Helena Bonham Carter hair! | The Sartorialist


Thursday, June 4, 2015

shop preview: 1940s-1970s menswear

Just in time for Fathers Day, here's a great selection of men's spring and summer shirts--including a couple of great beachwear pieces and an excellent plaid jacket--that will be arriving in the shop starting today!

1960s yellow and gray plaid shirt.

1940s-50s maroon swirl print Textron shirt.

1970s Art Nouveau/Alphonse Mucha print disco shirt.

1970s wave print beach shirt.

1960s mustard shirt, by Donegal.

1950s plaid flight jacket style windbreaker, by Puritan.

1960s blue plaid shirt, by Puritan.

1960s light denim and terrycloth beach shirt, by McGregor.

1970s sky blue Guayabera shirt, by Haband.



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