Tuesday, March 31, 2015

shop preview: mid century menswear

Fresh for spring, new mid century menswear is on the way to the shop!  We have what you need to freshen up your wardrobe, from argyle mohair, to a colorful tiki print, to a 1950s Perry Como shirt.  All items begin arriving in the shop starting tomorrow.

1960s golden argyle mohair blend cardigan.

1960s Pendleton black watch plaid shirt.

Deadstock 1960s flocked Braumeister bowling shirt, by Amberley.

1950s pentagon print linen shirt, by Block's Southland Sportswear.

1950s brown gabardine Perry Como gaucho shirt, by Jay Bucknell.

1960s tiki patchwork print blazer, by Sandwich Isles.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

shop preview: bright and subdued florals, a blouse for a lady dandy, and elephants

Coming this week to the shop, a bright bouquet of floral prints and patterns, from sheer chiffon to folkloric embroidery.  There's also the perfect blouse for a lady dandy, and an adorable elephant sweater!

All items arrive in the shop starting today.

1960s Mega Bloom printed cotton dress.

1970s Elephant Parade novelty sweater.

1960s white linen dress with floral print jacket, by Lampl.

1960s Lady Dandy ruffled lace tuxedo blouse with rhinestone buttons, by Joanna.

1970s black floral embroidered cotton folklore dress.

1960s pink daisy print ribbed short sleeve sweater, by Helen Harper.

1970s does 1930s sheer floral print chiffon dress.

1970s cream crochet serape-style tie-waist sweater.

1960s daisy embroidered pink linen mini dress.

1960s Primitive Beat knit dress, by Lady Carol of New York.

1970s metallic gold, silver, and pink floral brocade peplum blouse, by Patra.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

the classic cocktail

Yesterday was my birthday, and to celebrate, Andy took me out for a day of treats, shopping, a movie, dinner. . . and cocktails!  Those of you who have followed me here (or anywhere on social media) know that I'm a bit of a cocktail aficionado.  Connoisseur.  Fanatic.  Okay, I like booze!  Classic cocktails are my favorites, so naturally, I think classic vintage barware, cocktail dresses, and jewels are the best.  Here's a collection I made from (mostly) vintage items found on Etsy.


1 / early 1900s sterling silver water pitcher / GentlemanlyPursuits
2 / Harvey Probber walnut bar cart / TheModernHistoric
3 / 1950s floral print cocktail dress / SwaneeGRACE
4 / 1950s sequined cocktail hat/headband / RoseleinRarities
5 / 1970s gold cocktail ring / NachoKitty
6 / Mexican Alpaca abalone cocktail forks / AdobeHouseVintage
7 / maple wood cocktail muddler / CattailsWoodwork
8 / early 1900s French seltzer bottle / Vintagefrenchlinens
9 / 1930s Czech beaded clutch / CalloohCallay
10 / set of 8 mid century roly poly cocktail glasses with carrier / AlegriaCollection
11 / silver plated lotus flower bowl/candle holder centerpiece / gazaboo


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

shop preview: colorful cotton prints, jackets and cardis, and a floral print blouse with a bow

It's still cold in western Michigan, but most of our snow has melted and there are definite signs of spring--just as there are in this week's shop preview!  Colorful cotton prints, cute little jackets and sweaters to help the transition to warmer weather, and a sweet floral print bow blouse, will all be arriving in the shop, starting tomorrow.

And hey:  do you follow the shop on Instagram?  It's a great place to see sneak previews, behind the scenes peeks, and even the occasional secret sale code just for Instagram followers (ahem, one of these may be appearing later this week).

1950s Baroque print cotton blouse and skirt set with belt.

1950s cream mohair short sleeve cardigan/jacket.

1960s pastel patches linen dress.

Pink and lavender floral print blouse with bow collar.

1960s GOP cardigan.

1950s Catherine Window print cotton dress.

1950s green bolero jacket with checkerboard lining and cuffs, by Jackie Morgan.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

shop accessories preview: cat eye frames, pink pumps, and polka dot sunglasses

A focused collection of eyewear and shoes is coming to the shop this week, including cat eye frames with rhinestones, 1950s pink high heels, and a pair of polka dot sunglasses!

1950s pink pumps, by Connie Shoe Creations.

1970s suede chukka style suede shoes, by Hush Puppies.

1950s cream and tan shoes with decorative heel details, by Raymonde.

1950s pearl gray and gold browline eyeglasses, by American Optical.

1950s cat eye glasses with rhinestones.

1950s polka dot sunglasses, by Calobar.

1950s etched taupe browline glasses.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

shop preview: butterflies, blooms, polka dots, and portraits

I don't know if spring is in the air, but it is definitely in this shop preview!  Two dresses with butterflies (one a Carolyn Schnurer), some lovely floral prints, a quirky Roman portraiture print, pink and black polka dots, a cozy wrap and a cropped jacket for layering on cooler days and nights, and much more--all are arriving in the shop starting tomorrow.

1950s Butterfly and Bloom print cotton sundress, by Carolyn Schnurer.

1950s lined mohair wrap.

1950s Roman Portraiture novelty print dress.

1960s blue plaid pleated skirt, by Bobbie Brooks.

1940s sheer fan print dress, by Mynette.

1960s green cotton print blouse, by Aldens.

1970s black butterfly trails print dress.

1950s abstract print cotton dress, by Jonathan Logan.

1960s gold brocade jacket, by Majestic.

1960s pink and turquoise batik print cotton shift dress.

1970s maxi skirt with black, red, and sparkly silver diagonal stripes, by Joyce.

1950s blue rose print dress.

1980s pink and black polka dot ruffle blouse, by Cambridge.


Friday, March 6, 2015

i spy: Bette in ski gear, a brilliant spy film, a winter queen

February, you are so short!  But still filled with good things.  Here are a few things that I enjoyed looking at in February.  You can see much more on my Tumblr and Pinterest.

clockwise, starting upper left:

Montmarte, a watercolor by Frans Masereel, 1925. | Ketterer Kunst
* Don and Peggy in Mad Men, Season 4, Episode 7, The Suitcase.  I've been rewatching the series--something I very rarely do--in anticipation of it ending next month, and have been really enjoying it all over again.  Actually, I'm enjoying it much more than my first viewing.  In a show filled with interesting relationships, Don and Peggy's remains my favorite and the one most intriguing to me.  The Suitcase is rightly considered one of the best episodes of the series. | my screencap
* 1936 photo of Michigan governor Frank D. Fitzgerald crowning Shirley Squier Snow Queen at the Winter Festival in Petoskey.  I'm loving the (Hudson's Bay?) coats they're wearing. | The Lively Morgue (the New York Time's Tumblr)
* An undated photos (early 1940s?) of Bette Davis in winter gear at her Butternut Cottage home in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  There is always something lovely about seeing a classic film star like Davis in "regular" clothing, unstyled and still looking so lovely.  Also, how great is that pair of slippers next to her?  | NHmagazine.com
* Photo of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and author John le Carré during the filming of A Most Wanted Man, the most underrated film of last year (that I saw).  Hoffman and the rest of the cast is incredible in it.  Boy, are we ever going to miss Hoffman. | New York Times


Thursday, March 5, 2015

shop accessories preview: 1950s-1960s heels, deadstock Ferragamo, and bags

Coming to the shop starting today:  a great selection of 1950s-1960s heels, deadstock Ferragamo bow shoes, and two charming handbags!

1950s olive suede pumps, by Life Stride.

1960s white patent buckle pumps, by Air Step.

1960s speckled brown collared heels with buckles, by Smartaire.

Deadstock 1980s Ferragamo mini-wedge bow shoes.

1950s pale yellow pumps with lacy cut-outs, by Air Step.

1950s two-tone wide strap mary jane heels, by Air Step.

1950s two tone black patent stiletto heels, by Smartaire.

1960s embroidered and heavily beaded floral handbag.

1940s large orange and green plaid knitting bag/purse.



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