Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tonight, the long-awaited Hat Preview!

But first I want to share with you my latest favorited Etsy item, from
meekssandygirl's shop. She makes gorgeous crocheted cashmere necklaces, corsages, and sculpture. I found her when one of her necklaces was featured on the Etsy front page this afternoon. I just love the colors in this lemon necklace:

Isn't it lovely? I want it! It's one of the simpler pieces. She also has beautiful, intricate poppy and bluebell necklaces. Go check out her shop!

And without further ado, Hat Preview! This 1960s peridot or pistachio green raffia bucket hat is already in the shop:
celadon raffia hat with grosgrain ribbon

Cute fedora-like number by Jan Leslie Custom Design.
straw fedora with red-and-white ribbon and bead dangler

Daisy mesh pillbox by Amy New York.
daisy pillbox hat with netting

Pretty beige straw wide brim by Maxine Hats.
Diamond weave wide-brim hat

Floppy mod lemon yellow hat, An Everitt Original.
mod lemon yellow floppy brim hat

Will be adding them to the Etsy shop this week! Stay tuned...



  1. great hats! by chance, did you unearth a wide brimmed straw hat...the sort that would work for the beach? have been trying to find a good vintage one forever!

  2. I will check--so far the beachiest that I can recall is that Maxine straw hat, but I think it's a little sheer/not wide enough for good sunshade. There are eight (nine?) boxes of hats and I don't think I've seen them all yet--the perfect one may yet be in there. xo

  3. That peridot hat was bought to go with the peridot dress I saw somewhere on one of your sites recently, I'm willing to bet. You could assemble some *killer* outfits out of this haul, I imagine. So sweet.


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