Tuesday, April 30, 2013

shop preview

What's coming to the shop this week?  A 1940s dress with a wild pioneer print, a couple springy florals, a cute bowling shirt, and this amazing embroidered folklore dress... 

1950s cross stitch embroidered folklore dress (those are horses on the skirt!), by Carlye.

1950s pink mohair cardigan.

1940s pioneer novelty print rayon dress, by Original Junior Miss of New York.

1960s mod dots maillot swimming suit.

1940s deadstock gray dress with sheer mesh stripes and rhinestone decorations, by Slendertone.

1950s brown plaid seersucker full skirt.

1950s clematis print yellow cotton dress with full skirt and giant sash.

1960s marble swirl print blouse, by Joanne.

1960s floral print drop waist dress with scarf collar and accordion pleat skirt.

1950s women's white and blue gabardine bowling shirt, Ten Strike by King Louie.

1940s floral printed rayon crepe dress.

1950s brown gingham cotton pencil skirt, by Majestic.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

vinyl memories

Record Store Day was Saturday, so I'm running a little late with this, but I thought I'd share some favorites from my own collection of vinyl.  I became a real music fan in the 1980s, when loving music meant:  listening to the radio, making mixtapes, watching that exciting new medium, the music video...and buying records.  I spent a fair amount of time hanging out in record stores--the town I grew up in had two independent record stores downtown--and I still do, on occasion (shout out to Grand Rapids' wonderful Vertigo Music!).

Just looking at some of these album covers brings back memories, almost the way an old photograph does.  Most of these records have traveled with me from Colorado to New York City, and from New York to Michigan.

I've owned the above four records since the 1980s.  The Psycho Candy album still has its $9.98 price sticker from Wax Trax Records in Denver.  The Joy Division record has a list of the album's songs, handwritten by me, slipped inside (since there was no track listing included with the album).

Sometimes I buy a record--ususally at a garage sale or thrift store--just because I like the cover.  I have a lot of cool old cocktail records that fit this description.  The Anatomy of a Murder album not only has a great artwork, but it's a fantastic soundtrack (and a fantastic film, set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula).  Those gorgeous flowers are on a more recent purchase, the Mark Lanegan Band's "Blues Funeral."  It's a double album with really cool marbled-look vinyl.  It is also, naturally, a fantastic sounding record.

That Dylan "Biograph" boxed set...well, I've owned it since I was 17 or 18, and you can tell it's gotten a lot of play.  "Hunky Dory" is one of my favorite Bowie albums, and this is the 1990 double album reissue with extra tracks and nifty clear vinyl.  (David Bowie was my gateway drug into music; he was the first good music I liked, and I was an obsessive fan of his as a youngster.  I own most of his work on vinyl.)  The Cat Stevens and Carroll and Lear Nonsense Verse records both belonged to my parents, and have now passed on to me.  Cat Stevens = the music of childhood.  The Nonsense Verse record is probably the oldest in my collection; it's from 1957.

And a bonus: Isaac Hayes' "Black Moses" album.  I'm not sure better album packaging has ever been done.  Amazing, isn't it?


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

shop preview

Here's a colorful, print-filled preview of items coming to the shop this week.  Of course, one of my favorite items--the Paisley Noir dress--is the least colorful!  But even I am ready for a little sunshine around here.

1960s Ocean Filigree ombre stripe dress, by L'Aiglon.

1960s knit psychedelic floral top.

1950s red and gold baroque print shirtwaist dress with scalloped collar.

1950s celery green floral print blouse.

1950s red plaid ruffled pinafore dress, by Petti.

1950s olive green shorts with cute pockets.

1950s sheer Paisley Noir dress with rosette at the collar.

1960s white blouse with large, embroidered Peter Pan collar and embroidered cuffs, by Joanne.

1940s pink dress with zig zag button placket.

1970s lilac print crepe blouse with Peter Pan collar, by Joyce.

1950s Spring Daisy watercolor print dress with Peter Pan collar and bow belt, by Vicky Vaughn.

1960s colorful abstract art print mini skirt, by Gordon of Philadelphia.


Monday, April 22, 2013

transitional dressing

Andy and I went out on Saturday to see a Japanese film at the UICA and to visit our local favorite, Vertigo Music, for Record Store Day.  I had a sudden desire to wear this this pink and white embroidered skirt.  Let's call it a spring craving.  Because this spring has been the polar opposite of last spring, at least in western Michigan, and the weather has stayed pretty cold.

So the springy skirt had to be worn with tights, boots, a sweater...and my faux leopard coat.  And you know, I think this might be the best look for this skirt, ever.  Pink and leopard go together as well as pink and lipstick red do, if you ask me.

Just like handsome guys go together with pea coats.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

accessories preview: polka dot sandals, gold heels, and a Dutch bow tie

Here is a shop accessories preview that is mainly shoes--including a spectacular pair of 1940s gold heels--and men's ties.  (Make sure you see the Dutch motif bow tie--it's too cool!)  All items coming to the shop starting today.

1980s brown leather Bruno Magli flat boots.

1940s perforated peeptoe heels.

1970s chevron stripe forest green oxfords, by Dr. Hiss.

Flat green thong sandals with polka dot button decorations, made in Spain.

1970s two tone patent cream and brown loafers, by Bass Weejuns.

1970s blue and green striped wedge peeptoes, by California Magdesians.

1940s gold high heels.

1970s brown leather and cork sandals, made in Italy by Jeweltone.

Tooled leather western pouch / drawstring bag.

1950s madras plaid clip-on bow tie, by Ormond NYC.

1940s silk satin butterfly print tie.

1940s navy blue polka dot clip on bow tie, by Wembley.

1940s geometric print tie, by Trimley.

1950s pink and black Dutch motif bow tie, by Best Clip.

1940s herringbone colorblock knit tie.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

shop preview

It's a wrap!  This week's shop preview starts with a 1950s floral print wrap dress, ends with a 1930s dressing gown (that wraps, naturally), and has another 1950s houndstooth wrap dress stuck in the middle!

All items coming to the shop this week.

1950s cabbage rose and sunflower print wrap dress.

1950s mosaic print voile dress with full, pleated skirt.

1950s red plaid camp shirt, by Dapper Duds.

1950s pink dress with rhinestone buttons and rhinestone-center flowers decorating the collar.

1960s floral print silk chiffon blouse, by Lee Richard Fashions.

1960s gingham dolly dress with large, piqué collar and black satin bow at neck, by Gay Gibson.

1950s Chequered Flag full circle skirt, by Gale & Gale.

1950s houndstooth print wrap dress with houndstooth inset shiny black belt.

1950s lace and pintucks cream nylon blouse, by Karmen Fashions.

1960s blue knit sailor dress with red bow.

1930s crinkled cotton dressing gown/robe, by Beautyrobe.



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