Sunday, January 31, 2010

a sunday kind of love

I love Sundays. Andy usually makes a special dinner. Masterpiece Theatre is on the TV. I get to take my Sunday bubble bath.

And I post Etsy shop updates!

1950s black eyelet wiggle dress.

1950s plaid blouse by Ship 'n Shore.

1960s red houndstooth print dress.

Oatmeal wool cardigan with dark chocolate brown trim.

1950s olive green baroque print dress by Nelly Don.

The cutest! 1980s sweater with bunnies and carrots.

1980s fuchsia career girl dress with bow belt, by Henry Lee Petites.

1950s folklore birdie print blouse.

1960s mustard swiss dot and lace babydoll dress.

1960s mod swirl print dress by Sonni California. (This one reminds me of all the swirl-shaped jewelry we saw at the Calder exhibit!)

1950s navy and olive plaid schoolgirl dress.

India print maxi-dress.

1950s or 1960s L'Aiglon cerulean pucker chiffon dress.

1960s black-and-white striped mod dress.

1950s nylon red polka-dot dress by Shelton Strollers.

1960s pumpkin pintucks babydoll dress.

And finally, my favorite find of our road trip, a 1950s black taffeta party dress with beaded skirt!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

more calder

I was very happy to see that the Alexander Calder jewelry exhibit finally made its way to Grand Rapids.

It opened at here at the
GRAM last night, so Andy and I went to see it. It was, of course, fantastic. Oversize brooches and giant necklaces made of hammered brass. Below are images of a couple of my favorite pieces (one is The Jealous Husband, worn by Anjelica Huston).

Most of the jewelry was from the 1930s and 1940s, and had an abstract, tribal look to it. When I think of the fashion of that time, I think of rather buttoned-up suits and dresses with shoulder pads. It's a little hard to imagine typical women of the time wearing these pieces. They are definitely wild and avant garde.

Kind of like me. Hee hee.

(Vintage 1950s or 1960s knit dress, thrifted like a million years ago. Boots and cardigan, J. Crew. Tights and belt, Target.)

Lord, do I hate having my photo taken. That is the best out of a series of 12. And here's the boy and the dog, looking effortlessly adorable as usual.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Goddam money. It always ends up making you blue as hell."

Rest in peace, J.D. Salinger. His books meant a lot to me when I was younger, and I suppose now is as good a time as any to re-read them.

And in the spirit of the above quote (who can't identify with that?), I bring you the crass commercialized portion of this post, a preview of a few accessories coming to the shop.

I so wish these 1950s oxford pumps were my size--really nifty gold-painted "weave" detail on the vamps.

1980s gray suede foldover booties with stacked heels.

1970s deadstock two-tone men's loafers.

1960s cherry red mod boots.

Bronze lace-up oxford flats.

Crazy 1970s white stacked heel mary janes!

Brown and pumpkin faux lizard tassel pumps.

Deadstock 1960s mod pink grid print Italian sunglasses.

The cutest little acorn and oak leaf tooled leather wallet.

1960s pale pink weave-textured vinyl handbag.

Super-charming silk Scottish plaid bagpipers scarf.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

back to business!

I think I'm still feeling the all-night drive through the prairie, but I pushed on and managed to take lots of photos today. So here it is, a shop preview! You'll see a couple of the many black dresses I found on this trip (always always always love a black dress, right?). There is much more to come, too, including some fabulous shoes and boots and a most adorable silk scarf with bagpipers on it. And many more dresses!

1960s black velvet lace inset wiggle dress by Gay Gibson.

Blue snowflake sweater.

1950s ecru bow tie dress by Youth Guild of N.Y.

1950s blue and chartreuse plaid skirt by Century of Boston.

Mod 1960s violet bouclé dress.

Fleecy olive and black diamond print cardigan.

1950s black dress with banded waist.

Delicate pale pink pintuck and flower applique blouse.

Mod 1960s navy dress by Edith Flagg.

1970s heathered sage Christian Dior boyfriend sweater.

1960s mustard and brown plaid summer weight suit.

Black velvet capelet with frog closure.

1970s golden-tan knit tie-back dress by Alfred Werber.

1940s black rayon crepe dress with bow belt by Brief Originals.

Cuddly ivory Turbo Orlon cardigan.

Mod 1960s orange sherbet dress by Bleeker Street.

1980s ivory beaded eyelet sweater.

1960s calico floral dress by The Art Shirt.



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