Thursday, November 20, 2014

shop preview: knitwear and cashmere, sequins and rhinestones, one lacy underthing

. . . and a partridge in a pear tree!  (Not really.)  This week's shop preview does have warm knit dresses, sparkle in the form of rhinestones and sequins, a bit of cashmere, and a lovely piece of early 20th century lingerie, though.

All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s blue floral print knit dress, by Berkshire.

Gold and silver sequin top, by Three Flaggs (a division of Edith Flagg).

1960s white chiffon goddess dress with rhinestone straps, by Jr. Theme New York.

1950s beaded cashmere cardigan, by Pringle.

1960s pink, lavender, and gold Taffy Feather dress.

1950s green plaid wool high waist pants.

1940s black knit dress with satin collar and sash/bow at waist.

1910s or 1920s crochet lace and pink ribbon bra or camisole top.

1960s lemon yellow shantung dress with cord and rhinestone trim.

A pair of 1960s gray Garland Dreamspun sweaters.

1950s charcoal gray pinstripe knit dress, by Samuel Grossman.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

shop accessories update: furry boots, a 1940s bag, and a poodle scarf

Here's a peek at the next collection of accessories coming to the shop, including:  furry après-ski boots, tapestry heels and a tapestry bag, belt buckles, and a poodle scarf!  All items will be arriving in the shop soon.

Brown leather made in USA Bass oxfords.

1970s goat fur après-ski boots.

Brown leather made in USA Eastland penny loafers.

1960s floral tapestry heels, by Valley.

1940s floral tapestry knitting bag/purse with wooden handle.

Fair isle knit beret.

Cactus flower tooled leather belt buckle.

1983 Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow brass belt buckle.

1950s novelty fringed poodle scarf with rhinestones.


Friday, November 14, 2014

shop preview: 1940s-1970s menswear

Hey fellas!  We have a sweet little collection of 1940s-1970s menswear coming to the shop--in fact, the first two piece are already there!  The rest will begin arriving today.

1970s blue wool Pendleton shirt (in the shop).

1940s speckled taupe wool overcoat, by Rock-Knit (in the shop).

1940s atomic butterscotch wool suit jacket, by Lanark.

1950s gray waffle knit Campus zip-up sweater.

Early 1950s US Navy pea coat.

1970s wool twill jacket, made in USA by Woorich.

1960s custom tailored sharkskin jacket.

1940s gray atomic wool suit, by Brookfield Clothes.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

shop preview: black velvet, rhinestones, fur collars, and wool pants

The polar vortex has already made an appearance here, and today's timely shop update is ready to help with warm coats, wool pants, and knit dresses.  Oh, and some perfect party dresses for the holiday season (or any festive occasion)!

The first dress is already in the shop; the rest will begin appearing today.

1950s black velvet party dress with lace and sequin trim (in the shop!).

1940s Night Bloom floral embroidered black dress with rhinestones, by Martha Manning.

1960s purple wool tweed coat with yarn ruffle trim, by Rothmoor.

1960s wool blend knit dress with scarf collar, by Berkshire.

1950s moss green plaid wool cigarette pants.

1960s mosaic pattern knit dress.

1970s ski vest, by Salaminder.

1950s black silk bubble skirt dress, by Suzy Perette.

1910s sheer blush pink embroidered blouse.

1950s blue lace and satin nautical cocktail dress.

1960s raspberry wool bouclé coat with fur collar and belted waist.

1960s folklore print wool or wool blend dress, from the Ruth Chagnon dress shop.

1960s wool cigarette pants, by Mr. Thomson.


Monday, November 10, 2014

i spy: sparkling dresses and lights, autumn landscapes, and romantic train travel

As the days get shorter, I get more obsessed with beautiful lights and chandeliers--and sparkling dresses!  And one year after our trip to Europe, I am still obsessed with Germany and Austria, and thus, with half timber houses and a bygone era of romantic train travel.

I have to admit, I've gone my entire life with zero interest in weddings and bridal wear, until I saw these amazing photos of Norwegian brides in their gorgeous, folkloric dresses and elaborate crowns.  Amazing!

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clockwise, starting upper left:
*French actress Mistinguett, photographed at home in Paris with her hundreds of shoes (and pet monkey!), 1923. | The Lively Morgue
*dress by Madeleine Vionnet, fall/winter 1930-31. | Metropolitan Museum of Art
*1932 poster for the Flying Scotsman express train connecting London and Edinburgh. | History in Posters
*Erich Kettelhut, design for Metropolis set Day break, Morgendämmerung, 1920s. Oil painting. | La città nuova
*Lamp designed by Gaspar Homar in the Casa Navàs (designed by Lluis Domenech i Montaner Reus, 1901-1908) in Reus, Catalonia, Spain. | Wikimedia Commons

clockwise, starting at upper left:
*photos of fabulously attired Norwegian brides, 1870-1920. | via
*László Paál, In the Forest, ca. 1875. | Wikimedia Commons
*dress by House of Patou, 1927. | Metropolitan Museum of Art
*a beautiful half timber frame house in Mainz, Germany. | Photo by Pedro Szekely
*Charles Burchfield, Old House and Spruce Trees, 1951. | via


Thursday, November 6, 2014

shop preview: 1930s velvet, 1920s silk charmeuse, and 1950s mink

You can see from the title that the fancy stuff has started to arrive at the shop!  But don't worry: for those who prefer their holidays more cozy-at-home than party-on-the-town, there are also some fantastically warm sweaters coming.

But back to the fancy.  I seem to have acquired a pretty decent collection of black party-worthy dresses, which is both exciting and dismaying.  Black is always my favorite color to wear. . . it's also one of the most difficult to photograph.  Anyway, fellow black dress lovers, watch this space.  There are more coming!

All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1930s black velvet bias cut dress with belt.

1950s blonde mink fur stole/wrap.

1950s pale blue pintucks dress, with cord, bead, and rhinestone decorations.

Silk and cotton Edwardian jacket with black cord trim.

1960s folkloric print dress with quilted skirt.

Cream wool Scottish sweater, by Highland Home Industries.

1940s gray plaid gabardine dress.

1970s chocolate and caramel Mexican suede cape with flower cut-outs.

1950s plaid blouse/jacket, by White Stag.

1920s black silk charmeuse and lace dress.

1970s space dyed wrap cardigan with feathers.



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