Thursday, November 19, 2015

shop preview: duotone dresses, a magical Vera Neumann print, and 1930s beach pajamas

This week's shop preview includes a perfect plaid coat, three marvelously textured duotone dresses, a magical Vera Neumann print, and (drumroll) . . . 1930s beach pajamas!  The first item is already in the shop, and the second sold the minute it arrived; the rest will begin arriving today.

1960s mustard yellow and white linen shift dress with bow, by Alison Ayres (in the shop!).

1940s wool bouclé cape, from Hutzler Brothers Co. Baltimore (sold!).

1930s cherry print beach pajamas with sash.

1940s rose and hydrangea print blouse.

1940s two tone linen and corduroy dress.

1970s Magical Horses print blouse, by Vera Neumann.

1960s pink and gold paisley caftan, Diana Dean by Julius Lonschein.

1970s bohemian fringed cotton Iranian blouse.

1940s blue skirt suit with velvet trim.

1960s plaid wool coat, by Lassie Maid.

1940s blue wool dress with red velvet accents, by Josa Miss.

1950s peach pintucks and lace blouse and cardigan set, by Susan Thomas.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

shop preview: pink atomic, taupe gabardine, a silk French history print, and 1950s denim

This week's shop update has a superb selection of cozy and festive things to wear in a variety of weights and textures:  prints that celebrate both the future (1950s atomic!) and the past (French history!), metallic and satin brocades, cozy wool and jersey knits, silk and gabardine, and even some 1950s denim!  All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s Tomorrowland atomic print dress with bow collar.

1950s light blue Swiss wool sweater, by Alpinit.

1960s Celtic Knot print knit dress, by Goldworm.

1950s indigo denim jeans.

1950s rose garden print dress.

1950s beaded cardigan.

1960s brocade cocktail dress with heavily beaded neckline.

Scottish shetland wool fair isle sweater, by Braemar.

1948 Histoire de France novelty print silk dress, by David Westheim.

1940s taupe gabardine coat.

1950s ombré satin party dress.

1960s gold and silver satin brocade jacket, by Helga.


Friday, November 6, 2015

shop accessories preview: glitter heels, mustard pumps, bags, and a 1930s pixie hat

Coming to the shop:  shoes from casual canvas sneakers to party-ready glitter heels, bags made of out of wood, tapestry, and woven wicker, and a quirky-chic 1930s pixie hat!

All items begin arriving in the shop today.

Three pairs of made in USA Converse All Star low tops.

1960s silver glitter heels, by Dorette Debs.

1960s mod mustard yellow leather bow pumps, by Andrew Geller.

1960s black and brown patent bow heels, by Custom Craft.

1960s woven box purse, by Koret.

1960s collapsible wooden slat tote with bamboo handles.

1950s striped canvas box purse.

1950s floral tapestry oversize purse.

1930s pixie hat, by Joal New York.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

shop preview: 1930s satin, 1940s gabardine, and a 1950s calypso scene

So many good things coming to the shop this week:  an incredible rhinestone-studded calypso print set, two satin dresses perfect for holiday parties, a button-covered 1940s gabardine and velvet dress, and a gorgeous, sparkly sequin sweater!  All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1940s Das Werk gabardine and velvet dress.

1940s deep blue wool Swiss Alpinit sweater.

1940s pink satin Doris Dodson gown with black velvet trim.

1960s mod mini dress, by Nelly Don.

1960s blue plaid wool tweed skirt, made in Ireland by Brendella.

1950s calypso novelty print blouse and velvet cigarette pants set, embellished with rhinestones, by Malbe.

1960s gold and silver medieval floral sequin and bead top.

1950s emerald green satin cocktail dress with large bow, by Haroni Inc.

1940s black wool jacket, by Lora Lenox.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

my granny wore pants

Lizzie from The Vintage Traveler (the best fashion history blog out there; go follow her!) just posted a wonderful four-part blog series based on a talk she gave about the American woman's transition from skirt to pants wearer, called Knickerbockers for Women.  You can go read the first part of the series here; there are links to each successive post on Lizzie's blog.

I couldn't read Lizzie's posts without thinking about my own paternal grandmother, Edna, who was born in 1908 and lived during this interesting time in women's fashion.  I am lucky to have lots of photos of Edna through the years.  I posted a few of them on my Instagram account over the past couple days, but decided to post the rest here.  Unfortunately, because I was very young when she died, I never had the chance to ask my grandmother about her thoughts on fashion.  I do know from my dad that Edna did wear nice clothes, and that she bought high quality clothing, usually on sale.  And though these are all photos of Edna in knickers or pants, she did wear lots of lovely dresses and smart suits!  

These first three photos are likely from the the mid-1920s.  Though these show her in a rural setting (she had family in Indiana), Edna grew up in St. Louis, and with her bobbed hair, knickers, and bow tie, was clearly influenced by the La Garçonne or flapper fashions of the time.

Look at those stockings/socks!  You'll see them again later.

Edna looks a bit older here, so I think this photo may be from the early 1930s.  A rather sporty outfit, with tall lace-up snake boots and that cool leather jacket.

Here's Edna with my grandfather, Daniel, both quite sporty, sometime in the 1930s.  This is nearly the same outfit as the one above, but Edna's hair is a bit longer.  Both are wearing those tall boots, which are probably ideal for hiking through wherever you go to hunt rabbits!  And I just want to point out here, my grandfather was also a city kid.  Clearly these two relished time away from urban St. Louis!

Edna didn't just wear knickers in the 1930s--look at these cute overalls!  I love the cardigan and beret, too.

This photo and the next two show Edna wearing pants in the mid- to late-1940s.  I especially love this first photo, as the entire outfit looks a bit more formal and elegant, with the tucked-in blouse and jewelry.  And the appearance of her eyeglasses!

I'm thinking this is a family road trip of some sort (my grandparents loved to travel) and I'm impressed by Edna's casual yet glamorous look--great sandals and lipstick!

This photo is from 1972, two years before Edna died.  She didn't always wear pants at this time, but when she did, she looked just as smart and chic as she did when she wore a dress or a suit.



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