Wednesday, January 21, 2015

shop preview: a beatnik sweater, an Audrey jacket, and dresses for all

This week's shop preview includes a beatnik-worthy fringed sweater, a very Audrey Hepburn tweed jacket, some bright plaid pants, and dresses ranging from basic black to rhinestone-bedecked!  All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s L'Aiglon linen dress and jacket set.

1950s pale blue abstract print taffeta dress with bows and rhinestones.

1960s fringed and striped sweater, by Kjell of Norway.

1960s stained glass batik print cotton shift dress.

1960s pink and lavender tweed jacket, designed by Mario Forte for Handmacher.

1960 avocado and tangerine buffalo check cigarette pants, by Garland.

1940s pale blue Sacony Palm Beach jacket.

1980s gray and white angora and lamb's wool sweater.

1950s black linen dress with loopy bow belt, by R&K Originals.

1960s orange and olive green houndstooth plaid skirt, by Jantzen.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

shop accessories preview: 1950s shoes and boots, French gloves, and a clan Stewart tartan

Coming to the shop:  1950s rhinestone-decorated heels and rugged work boots, French made leather gloves, a 1960s tapestry purse, and plaid scarves!  All items begin arriving in the shop this week.

1950s brown leather slingback heels with amber rhinestone decorations, by La Patti.

Deadstock 1980s leather Adidas aerobics shoes.

1950s men's leather Red Wing boots.

1960s floral tapestry purse, by JR Julius Resnick.

1980s blue and black plaid Cashmaire fringed scarf, by Christian Dior Monsieur.

1950s Stewart dress tartan plaid scarf, by Glen Lossie.

1950s two tone brown and caramel leather gloves.

1950s blue leather French gloves, by Jonquet.

1950s brown chamois leather Edelweiss gloves, made in France by Guibert Frères.


Monday, January 19, 2015

i spy: an old pharmacy, a winter boulevard, and a little Oscar talk

I just realized the other day that I hadn't done an I Spy for December, so today I am remedying that!  The first photo is from a travel and photography blog on Tumblr, photo91, that I really enjoy.  They've recently documented trips to Switzerland and Macedonia with beautiful photography.

Although I am generally confused and somewhat apathetic about the Oscars (I don't usually see most of the films nominated), every year I find myself rooting for at least one nominee.  This year I'm really happy to see Wes Anderson and The Grand Budapest Hotel nominated!  (I also loved Ida, one of the foreign language film nominations, and I am excited to see Selma.  And I am befuddled by the nomination of The Imitation Game, which is the only other nominated film I've seen.)

clockwise, starting at upper left corner:
* An old pharmacy in Lucerne, Switzerland. | photos91
* The Grand Budapest Hotel. | welcometothe99
* 1930s photo of a well-dressed gal with a very sassy attitude. | jell-obiafrasays
* Arnold Scaasi dress and coat ensemble, 1958. | MFA Boston
* Boulevard in the Evening, by Isaac Levitan, 1883. | WikiArt


Thursday, January 15, 2015

shop preview: brighten up, lighten up, & read!

It's time to brighten up this winter with a bit of color!  This week's shop preview also includes a few lovely lighter weight cotton dresses for those of you in warmer climes (or just looking forward to warmer times).  You might also notice that a few of these photos have a book as a prop.  I love reading as much as (honestly, probably more than) I love vintage, and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to put books in my photos.  Anyway, expect to see more of it; I hope it doesn't detract too greatly from the garment.

The first two items are already in the shop; the rest will be arriving starting today.

1960s Main Line burgundy and gold plaid dress (in the shop!).

1980s Rainbow Heart sweater (purchase here!).

1950s red and black plaid knickers, by Maybro.

1950s red dress with flocked floral print, circle skirt, and bow belt.

Early 1960s crazy quilt print cotton dress, Lee Wentley by Wentworth.

1950s-60s Abercrombie & Fitch khaki blouse.

1960s green paisley knit dress, by PLW.

1980s does 1940s yellow leafy branch print dress.

Deadstock 1980s cable knit wool sweater for Lord & Taylor.

1950s red and gray plaid pencil skirt.

1940s or early 1950s black shantung suit, by Sportshire Ltd.

1960s ribbon flower mohair and wool cardigan, by Cyn Les.

1970s gray knit skirt with button trim.

1960s navy blue scarf collar dress, by Jule-Wyn New York.

1950s blue and gray chunky knit cardigan with shawl collar.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

thom browne pre fall 2015

I don't post very often about current womenswear collections.  I do like fashion, am often frustrated by it, and by no means do I follow it closely.  But this collection by Thom Browne (for Pre-Fall 2015) caught my eye.  It is based on the concept of the uniform, and apparently that's something I like (see my somewhat confused love for the Fall 2013 Jil Sander collection, here).  After wearing a Catholic grade school uniform as a child, and rebelling against it ever since, I'm unsure why the concept appeals to me so much.  One thing is certain, though:  the mix of patterns/prints and textures here gives the collection an eclectic feel and really makes the simple shapes used seem less like a uniform.

What else I know I love is the menswear tailoring (and ties!), the short trousers, the coats, and the interesting layers.  Oh, and the accessories--big bags, oxfords, sleek ankle boots, and fun socks.

You can look at the full collection here at


Thursday, January 8, 2015

shop preview: lots of Pendleton, wool coats, and a unique 1940s dress

It's frigid here, and this week's shop preview reflects that:  Pendleton wool pants (and shorts!), a fantastic pair of 1970s does 1940s wide leg trousers, a Pendleton plaid skirt, a cozy sweater in gorgeous natural tones, and a couple of fabulous wool coats.  Plus a unique, heavily-trimmed 1940s silk dress, and a 1980s rock t-shirt (just to mix it up a little more)--all arriving in the shop, starting today!

1940s Madame X silk damask dress trimmed in cord, mesh, and fringe.

1950s Pendleton red plaid full skirt.

1960s tan and terracotta knit dress.

1960s sand and sage mohair cardigan.

1960s wool plaid pants, by Pendleton.

1970s gray flannel wide leg trousers, by Modern Juniors.

1982 Journey Escape tour t-shirt.

1960s bright plaid wool and mohair Hudson's Bay coat.

1960s red and gray plaid Pendleton shorts.

1960s emerald green loden coat, made in West Germany.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

shop preview: rugged, classic, and sharp menswear

We're starting out the new year with a great collection of vintage menswear--rugged wool plaid shirts, a sharp leather jacket, 1950s denim workwear, and a classic Harris Tweed overcoat!  All items arriving in the shop starting this week.

1950s red plaid heavy wool shirt, by Lumber King.

1970s red plaid Pendleton shirt.

1970s Nordic collared cardigan, by Jantzen.

1960s brown leather Brooks cafe racer motorcycle jacket.

1970s windowpane plaid Woolrich shirt.

1970s green and blue wool plaid Pendleton shirt jacket.

1960s gray and red snowflake sweater, by Kingsport.

1950s Harris Tweed overcoat.

1950s denim coveralls.



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