Friday, July 29, 2011

hello, august

July is at its end, and my tolerance for the humidity is, too.  (Actually, I have no tolerance for humidity.)  I'm not quite over summer--yet--but would dearly love a few sunny, hot, DRY days.  Not that I'm likely to get them in Michigan in August.

Game of Thrones has me craving snow and big cloaks with fur at the shoulders.  But more on that later.  There's still plenty of summer here!  Next week's shop preview is here.

1970s halter sundress, by Fritzi.

1960s lace-trimmed Peter Pan collar blouse.

1960s deadstock green ruffled polka dot shift, by Charmode.

1950s poppy print puff sleeve blouse, by Helene.

1950s Native American blanket print dress.

1950s nylon plisse bib blouse, by Glenwear.

1960s mod pique shift dress, by Parkshire Original.

1950s sunset plaid blouse with pique cuffs and collar, by Ship 'n Shore.

1950s crepe floral sailor dress with belt, by Leslie Fay.

1950s fitted lace blouse, by Alice Stuart.

1960s blue gingham romper, by Byer California.

1960s deadstock orange striped girl's dress, with bow at neck.

1930s sheer sepia plaid chiffon bias cut dress.

1960s dandy striped cotton oxford, by Russ.

1960s floral voile dress with tie belt.

1970s teal floral print dress.

1960s dot print cotton day dress with rickrack trim, flocked flowers on pockets, and tie-back sewn-in belt.

1960s tulip print polished cotton shift dress, by Lahaina Casuals.

1950s blue satin party dress with tulle skirt decorated with sequin circles.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

obsessions and inspirations

Dear Internet, and most especially, Tumblr--
I love you so much!  You let me keep a scrapbook of all my favorite things, and I don't have to mess with scissors, glue, or scrapbooking stores.

Seriously, I remain a hardcore fan of Tumblr since I signed up for an account a few months ago, and my Tumblr blog, alwaysalwaysalwaysthesea, has become my online repository for sources of inspiration and obsession.  I've made a couple collages of images from my July Tumblr-ing--click them to make the images nice and big.

1. pine cone collage (via Cori Kindred's Flickr stream)
2. Dutch paper theater scenery.  Old paper puppet theaters are really cool and were beautifully illustrated. (via 50 Watts)
3. gingham check dress from Roksanda Ilincic's Resort 2012 collection. (via
4. beautiful old book cover (via HoskingIndustries Flickr stream)
5. beautiful young Pete Townshend, in a fair isle sweater vest (via meninsweaters on Tumblr)
6. single malt scotch + a lodge on Jura, an island in the Scottish Hebrides = my dream vacation. (via
7. creepy as all heck, but beautifully filmed and with a stellar cast (David Morrissey, Sean Bean, Andrew Garfield, Maxine Peake) all decked out in 1970s finery.  Screenshot from the Red Riding Trilogy.  Will give you nightmares about Yorkshire policemen--who knew?
8. I do have a thing for Scotland and accordions.  King Creosote (a.k.a. Kenny Anderson) fills the bill.  His gorgeous new album with Jon Hopkins, "Diamond Mine," has been nominated for Britain's Mercury Prize and deserves to win.  Buy it!  (image via Dear Scotland)

1. Richard Armitage.  It's been quite a week for us Armitage fans.  He appeared in his first major Hollywood film, Captain America, and an awesome photo of him as Thorin Oakenshield in next year's Hobbit film was released.  Plus, he's looking quite sexy and fierce in this Project magazine shoot.  (via
2. Speaking of fierce.  This is Danish actor Mads Mikkelson.  He's been in a number of films, but the one I know him from is After the Wedding.  (It's good; watch it on Netflix.)  I really like these photos.  (via brilliantinemortality on Tumblr)
3. photo by Matthew Turley of an A frame shed in Norway. (via mpdrolet on Tumblr, who consistently blogs the most interesting photography)
4. amazing lace halo/headdress (via suz1212's Flickr stream)
5. more fierceness, this time Arya Stark, my favorite character in HBO's Game of Thrones.  Have you seen it?  You really should.  I may re-watch the whole thing again--I can't wait for the next season.  (via
6. an 1839 friendship album with locks of hair sewn into the pages and color drawings of flowers. (via summer turban on Tumblr)


Monday, July 25, 2011

they did

My grandmother Edna and grandfather Dan on their wedding day in 1938.  I love Edna's dramatic lace gown, and my PawPaw's awesome Gatsby-esque white pants.

I am not really a "wedding person."  I was never a girl who dreamed of a fairytale wedding, and weddings often seem to me like a whole lot of money and time (and stress) that could be better spent on other things. However, I have been to a couple really lovely, fun, celebratory weddings.  And I do love these wedding photos from my family collection.  If all these folk hadn't tied the knot, I likely wouldn't be here!

Classic Gibson Girl.  My great grandparents (Edna's parents) Mary and William Wahmhoff on their 1896 wedding day.

I don't know whose wedding this 1920s gathering is (that's my grandfather and his amazing hair on the far left).  I adore these tea length gowns with their wispy layers of tulle, the big romantic bouquets, and the hats on the bridesmaids.

Circa 1930s.  My grandmother Edna is second from the left.  This is the wedding of Edna's brother Harry to Madge (center of photo).  Again, loving the men in white pants.  I have the sense from this photo that this wedding was a really great party.  The groom especially looks like he's having a swell time!

My great uncle Charlie and great aunt Bernice on their wedding day in 1950.  I love how genuinely happy they both look.  Tante looks beautiful, and Uncle Charlie's smile says it all.

My parents' 1967 wedding.  They were married at the Basilica of Saint Louis (a.k.a. the Old Cathedral) beneath the Gateway Arch.

My mom's parents were dead by this time, and she had very little money to spend on a wedding.  My paternal grandparents paid for the reception, and my mother made her own veil and the headpieces for her bridesmaids.  Despite the lack of money, my mother looks beautiful and the bridal party has a simple elegance.  Love the daisy bouquets!

Here they are, flanked by my dad's parents Dan and Edna, 29 years after their own wedding, and my mom's aunt Bernice and uncle Charlie, 17 years after theirs.  Mom's little cousin Peggy is the flower girl.  I have many thoughts when I look at this photo.  Like, I need to start wearing gloves.  And also, I would like have Peggy's, Edna's, and my dad's eyeglass frames.  But mostly, how cute my my mom looks here! 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer blockbusters

I hope everyone in the steamier parts of the world is managing to keep cool right now.  The forecast where I live shows highs near 90 pretty much every single day into the forecastable future.  Sweltering summer usually means trips to the movies, but the UICA (our single local art theatre) has been moving to a new building and won't be reopening for another week.  That doesn't really matter, though, since the only movie on my radar at the moment is Captain America. Yep, a comic book movie, which I would normally have zero interest in seeing. But my favorite actor who you've never heard of, Richard Armitage, is in it. I've only ever been able to watch Mr. Armitage on my laptop screen, via BBC period pieces and television series.  I'm not going to miss my first chance to see him on the big screen!  (I'm guessing there will likely be some nice examples of 1940s fashion in Captain America, too.)

Here's a preview of what will be coming to the shop this week.

1950s autumn marigold print dress, by The Villager.

1950s flower embroidered drawstring waist blouse.

1960s hot pink clock print shift with rickrack trim, by Shifts Internationale of Miami.

1950s lavender puff sleeve blouse with pleated back, by Macshore Classics.

1960s silk batik print dress, by Johnnye Jr.

1970s peacock embroidered chambray skirt.

1960s vine embroidered linen sheath dress, by John Abbott.

1950s thistle embroidered sleeveless blouse, by Bobbie Brooks (a special listing for Denver's MaxFund no kill animal shelter).

1950s lilac plaid day dress.

1960s lace blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.

1960s rainbow batik print sheath dress with scarf collar, by Geno California.

Old children's sailor suit.

1950s blue and brown check dress, by Pat Perkins.

1960s seersucker swing jacket with bow on the back, by R&KOriginals.

1960s fruit print and giraffe applique tent dress.

1960s button back brushstroke print crepe blouse.

 1950s celadon floral vine print dress.

1960s orange linen sheath dress, by Jonathan Logan.

 1960s deadstock blue plaid dress, by Hattie Leeds.

 1970s calico-trimmed chambray sundress, by Sears.

1940s sheer crinkle chiffon dress with an abstract school of fish print.



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