Friday, September 27, 2013

accessories preview: bombshell pumps, black leather bags, and cat eye glasses!

A quick little accessories preview with shoes, bags, and eyewear!  All coming to the shop soon.

And don't forget, the shop will be closing next Thursday, and will be closed until October 23.

1950s cherry red bombshell pumps, by Johansen.

1980s black leather Italian made boots.

1940s brown pumps with bows, by Tweedies.

Tooled black leather Mexican bag.

Tooled leather handbag.

1950s brown and gold cat eye glasses, by Shuron.

1950s yellow rattan plaid Ray Ban sunglasses.

1950s brown tortoiseshell plastic eyeglass frames.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

shop preview: sweaters galore + important shop news

This week's shop preview is chock full of cozy, colorful, and fun sweaters, just in time for cooler weather!  It is also likely the last clothing preview I'll be posting (there will probably be another accessories preview) before we close next week.  Yes, Small Earth Vintage will be going on its first major vacation while Andy and I also go on ours to Munich and Vienna!  The shop will be closed from next Thursday, October 3 until Wednesday, October 23.

1960s golfing novelty print dress, by The Villager.

1950s Under the Sea cardigan.

1960s floral print linen dress with a hyacinth-like tassel at the waist, by Jon Michaels.

1960s blue striped nautical collar sweater.

1950s pink and cocoa Pastilles dot print dress.

1960s plaid women's stadium style coat with faux fur lining, by Sharpe of Minneapolis.

1960s autumn floral print corduroy dress.

1980s Folk Dancers sweater.

1950s red and black floral print shantung dress.

1970s patchwork pattern sweater with birds, tulips, dots and hearts, by Erika Elias for Charlie's Girls.

1940s plaid dress with criss-cross sewn-in sash/belt, by Youth Guild of NY.

1950s pom pom flowers cardigan by Phil Rose of California.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

autumn fashions in Austria, 1935

I have new internet obsession, and its mouthful of a name (at least for us non-German speakers) is the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, or Austrian National Library.  The website for the library has a fabulous virtual reading room where you can peruse hundreds of years of Austrian newspapers and magazines, ranging from journals of firefighting and law, to travel and women's magazines.  One of my favorite discoveries is Moderne Welt (The Modern World) magazine, a treasure trove of vintage 1920s-1930s fashion (and fashion illustration).  Just to give you a taste, below is the cover and autumn fashions from the September 1935 issue (you can see the full issue online here).

Autumn hats.  (I have tried without success to decipher the signature of the illustrator for these interior illustrations.  If anybody knows what it says, please tell me!)

Autumn fashions for shopping and...walking the dog!  (I'm told Austrians really love dogs.)  Not only do I love the fashions here, but the script headers and little illustrations with them (particularly that terrier) are so charming.  Oh, and I'll take the plaid Shopping suit and the top Promenade outfit.  Danke!  (That cute green suit on the left with cherries on the front of the jacket is by Nina Ricci.)

And outfits for morning and afternoon.  I love the geometric details on the far left Vormittag dress, and the scalloping on the righthand Nachmittag dress (which is by Robert Piguet).

Gowns for the Theater, und für Tanz (dance!).  The far left gown is by Piguet, as are the purple and purple and gray Tanz dresses on the right.

And as an adorable bonus--autumn outfits für die Kinder!


Friday, September 20, 2013

shop preview: an Enid Collins glamor puss, a wee gold mesh pouch, and a 1930s swimsuit

This shop preview has some wonderful bags (I know that Enid Collins bag will be a favorite), and a fantastic 1930s men's deadstock Jantzen swimsuit.  All coming to the shop soon!

Deadstock 1950s gray leather Margolin purse.

Enid Collins Glamor Puss bag.

Striped fabric purse or knitting bag with wooden clasp.

1960s tote style handbag with velvet flowers and leaves, by Julius Resnick.

1930s-1940s gold mesh beggars' bag (tiny pouch) with Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences logo on lid.

1984 Siskiyou camping theme belt buckle.

1970s tooled leather Grand Rapids Camera Club belt.

1960s turquoise and olive print scarf, by Burmel.

Deadstock 1930s men's wool Jantzen Speed Suit swimsuit, with tags.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

shop preview: seasonal contrasts

This season-straddling shop preview is a little bit late summer (soft sky blues and sage green) and a little bit autumn (orange plaid, apple-y reds).  All items coming to the shop over the next week. 

1960s mod orange plaid dress, by E.V. Fashions.

1940s raspberry wool plaid blouse, by Bobbie Brooks.

1950s navy blue polka dot chiffon dress.

1950s cashmere Milky Way sweater, by Bernhard Altmann.

1960s red paisley dress with bow at neck, by Korell.

1950s plaid patchwork print full skirt (this skirt's sister is in the shop, here!).

1960s loopy print dress and jacket set.

1950s sky blue cotton cardigan with scalloped collar and cuffs.

1950s sage green embroidered dress, by Mayflower.

1950s sheer white pintuck blouse with black velvet collar and cuffs.

1960s checkerboard knit dress with Peter Pan collar and satin bow, by Stanton Jrs.

1960s cornflower blue crazy daisy print sweater.


Monday, September 16, 2013

street style: coats, boyish tailoring, and perfect layers

I prefer cool weather fashion to that of warmer weather, so I guess it's not a huge surprise that the last time I did a street style post on this blog was in March.  What is surprising (or not, I guess) is that the looks that caught my eye over the summer were all pretty autumnal.  In fact, there aren't really any surprises here if you know me.  If it's plaid, has a great collar, is kinda boyish or interestingly layered, or involves contrasting prints--I love it!

This first set all involves stylish women in coats.  That first gal is my favorite.  I'm 100% certain I could not pull off socks and pumps, but she can--and I love the plaid fur-collared coat over the plaid dress.  Magnificent!

1 / Soho NY / Lord Ashbury
2 / Milan / The Locals
4 / Melbourne (?) / StyleSight

I love tweed and tailoring--for ladies and gents.  I wore wool knickers in 5th or 6th grade similar to those of the gal on the left.  I don't think I'd try it again, but boy does she look cute in them!

1 / London (?) / StyleSight
2 / Milan (?) / StyleSight

Cardigans and big bags (or suitcases, in Vanessa's case).  I love the yellow and gray outfit (with her orange hair!) on the left...really love that cardigan and the dress' collar.  And Vanessa, well...Vanessa can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.  I am always inspired by her outfits, and this polka dot dress and flowered cardi is perfection.

2 / Vanessa of Two Squirrels Vintage in New Zealand / Two Squirrels blog

I'll try not to wait so long before the next street style post!



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