Thursday, June 27, 2013

shop preview

This week's shop preview is a little late, but we lost power (after a very brief and not particularly strong storm) on Tuesday, so I didn't get my photo shoot done until yesterday.  It's already turned quite sultry here in Michigan, and this week's selection of pale, icy blues and whites mixed with bright sunshine-y yellows and oranges pretty much sums up summer for me.

Also, this preview has two blouse-and-skirt sets in it.  I think these sets are such excellent wardrobe workhorses.  Wear the pieces together, for a pulled-together dress-like look, or as separates.

All items arriving in the shop soon!

1950s Fiesta del Sol patio skirt and blouse set, by Kerrybrooke (in the shop now!).

1950s ice blue Edelweiss eyelet embroidered dress.

1960s bright psychedelic floral Catalina skirted swimsuit.

1950s lemon stripe sundress with big buttons and miniature lace trim.

1960s white floral lace pencil skirt.

1960s mod orange and blue plaid dress.

1950s old west wagon novelty print pajamas.

1950s floral print blouse and full skirt (with attached mesh crinoline) set.

1960s white nylon blouse with lace trimmed neckline.

1950s sky blue plaid chiffon-trimmed dress with floral applique pocket, by Bennett Fashions.

1960s blue chambray wrap skirt with gingham lining, by Bobbie Brooks.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Well, the last couple weeks have been kind of tough.  As you would expect when you lose your best canine friend and constant companion of the last 14 years.  

As you can see from the title, I am still studying German.  ("Leben" means "life.")  And as you can see from my Instagram, life is going on.  Andy and I planted hydrangea, lavender, and dianthus under the apple tree where we buried Lucy.  We've been trying to keep busy: working, enjoying our favorite Michigan summer produce (asparagus and strawberries), going to the movies (Frances Ha was really great), reading, planning our trip to Europe later this year...

Life goes on, though it's not the same at all.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

shop preview: a mini wardrobe

I usually have a little bit of everything in my shop previews, and this week is no exception.  Actually, size aside, I think this batch would make a great little wardrobe, all on its own!  It contains a little black dress, a pair of jeans, and some great layering pieces.  All items coming to the shop this week.

1950s black lace and piqué dress, by Kim Kory.

1950s sky blue summer weight cardigan with scalloped Peter Pan collar.

1940s pink dress with stitch print, by Smart Set.

1960s nautical red and blue striped button-back blouse.

1940s blue Deco dot print crepe dress with rhinestone buttons.

1960s golden threaded Das Werk skirt.

1960s black crepe wiggle/cocktail dress with layered, tiered skirt.

1960s brown gingham oxford collar blouse.

1950s cotton floral print dress with bows on the shoulders, by McMullen.

1920s nautical white crochet lace blouse.

1940s cotton floral (feedsack?) dress with rick rack trim.

1950s indigo denim women's jeans, by Stockton of Dallas.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

sally draper

Sally Draper has been my favorite thing about Mad Men for the past couple seasons.  (Remember last season, how hilarious she is as Roger's "date" at that banquet?  If you've seen this season, that was some serious foreshadowing.)  Anyway, this post is about Sally's clothes this season, which I have been loving.  I must be having a 1960s Girl moment here, because she reminds me an awful lot of Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom in these screencaps.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

shoes, bags, stripey sunglasses and more

A shop accessories update featuring wedge sandals and pony peeptoe heels, two needlepoint bags, stripey sunglasses, and a bicentennial belt.  All items coming to the shop soon.

1950s dotted mesh pumps, by Town & Country Shoes (already in the shop!).

1970s wooden wedge sandals.

1970s two tone navy suede and embossed red leather oxfords.

1970s men's leather and rope canvas sandals.

1960s black patent heels with bows, by Red Cross Shoes.

1940s pony hair peeptoe heels,by Ferrucio Originals.

1950s large needlepoint floral tapestry bag, by Christine Custom Bags Detroit.

1960s large needlepoint tapestry bag.

1950s colorful striped Ray-Ban Bewitching sunglasses.

1960s tortoiseshell plastic Rodenstock Rocco eyeglass frames.

 Old handmade leather belt with Boys' Brigade buckle.

1976 Bicentennial US tooled and painted leather belt with George Washington crossing the Delaware buckle.

Boy Scouts of America belt buckle.

Brass logging/lumberjack belt buckle.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Our little Lu died this morning.  I hate making such a sad post here, but Lucy was such a part of our (mine and Andy's) lives, and I mention her in my blog bio, my shop bio, she's all over my Instagram feed...I figured I might as well let those of you who probably never met her, but certainly knew of her, know about her passing.

She died very peacefully and quickly, here at home, for which I am so grateful.  It wasn't a total surprise.  She was (we think) about 15 years old, and had started having seizures in December.  However, she was in mostly very good health over the last several months, enjoying her kibble and snuggling up with The Boy (what we imagined she would call Andy if she could speak human words) for afternoon naps right up until the end.  

If there is an afterlife, I hope the other dogs there understand Lucy's standoffish-ness.  She never was very sociable with other dogs.  However, there had better be plenty of cats, as Lucy found cats utterly fascinating.  (She was a very independent minded little dog, not a needy "pet me" type.  That and her love of napping in the sun had me convinced she thought she was a cat.)  I also hope that the afterlife is full of an unending supply of dog and human treats--Lucy loved to eat absolutely everything, but most especially the scraps of whatever The Boy was cooking us for dinner that night.

She was simply the very best dog ever.  I'll love you always little Lu, and I don't think I'll ever stop missing you.


shop preview

Playing favorites isn't nice, but so it goes.  I definitely have two in this week's shop preview: the first dress, and the romper you'll see when you scroll down.  The rest of the items aren't too shabby, either!  All these are arriving in the shop over the next week.

1950s Blumenfelder colorful flower stripes dress.

1950s red and white polka dot cropped blouse, by Weber.

1950s patchwork print sundress with yellow piping and button decorated pocket.

1950s yellow and gray plaid fitted blouse, Jeanie by Blue Bell.

1940s azure shantung bow dress with belt and matching peplum jacket.

1940s desert sand gabardine skirt.

1950s orange patio dress with rick rack trim.

1960s blue patchwork print waist tie blouse, by White Stag.

1950s blue and pink print ruffle dress with Peter Pan collar, by Smartsett.

1950s golden Grecian goddess romper, by Deala of Miami.

1960s silk blooms shift dress with tie belt.

1960s Paper Flowers print A line skirt.



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