Monday, January 21, 2013

the hour, series two

My period drama-loving self is well sated lately!  Downton Abbey is back on PBS, and the second season of The Hour is finally available from Netflix.  (For those who are unfamiliar with it, The Hour is a BBC drama, set in the 1950s at an evening news program.  I've posted about it previously, here and here.)  I've watched the first three episodes of the second season, and it's pure eye candy.  (It's well written, too--not just pretty to look at.  However, I've seen glimpses of reviews that describe the second season as "ridiculous."  That may be true, but I'm enjoying it so far.)  

It might just be my imagination, but the second season seems even prettier to look at than the first season.  Not that the settings are anything special.  So far scenes mostly take place in the BBC's offices and studio, which seem to be half Deco-era posh and half rundown school building.  However, the photography is gorgeous--lots of noir shadow combined with gorgeous color.

So a warning: this post is very pic heavy.  And I've tried not to include anything that would be spoiler-y, for those who haven't seen it.

Amazing emerald satin cocktail dress on Bel.

I like it even more with the little bolero jacket.

Bel's style hasn't changed.  She still wears bold, jeweltone suits and dresses to work, accented with that pretty little pennant necklace or a single large brooch.

I love these frames!

Marnie, looking impeccable as always.

Oh.  Whoops.

Marnie's wardrobe is mostly candy-sweet pastels...but appearances can be deceiving.  Marnie grows a nice backbone this season.

I love the wallpaper in Marnie and Hector's home, especially the bedroom wallpaper.

Sissy once again wears some of my favorite outfits.  It's really hard to get a screencap of her, by the way--she's always darting from place to place!

Lix in her uniform of blouse and slacks, with prerequisite glass of Scotch.  I'd say it works for her!  You can see that Katharine Hepburn was one of the wardrobe department's inspirations for Lix.

These ladies of the, erm, street, are better dressed than most young women I see in the grocery store nowadays.

Just a few more examples of the gorgeous photography.

Peter Capaldi has joined the cast.  I love him.

And I love this shot.

Bearded Freddie.  Just because.

Hector.  I do have a bit of a thing for Dominic West, though he always plays such difficult to love characters.  (Hector is pretty much Jimmy McNulty, only as a British TV anchor in the 1950s.)  I like this hat and suit quite a lot.  And you can just glimpse Sissy in another of her cute outfits, in the elevator behind him!



  1. These shots are beautiful! We have the first season but haven't started watching it yet. Can't wait!

  2. OMG! I love The Hour and second season is brilliant! I won't say anything about it though because I don't want to ruin anything for you. Do let me know when you've finished watching it. I'm dying to talk about it! :)

    Marnie's dresses are so swoon worthy and I love Bel's frames too.

    1. T, I have the second disc here and will talk with you as soon as I have finished! ;)

  3. Oh I am so excited it's finally out on DVD! I just nipped over to Netflix and moved it to the top of my queue. Speaking of well-dressed prostitutes, I love Anna Karina's wardrobe in Vivre sa vie. I guess we've gotten so casual in our dress that even old hookers look well put-together in comparison!

    1. I should say that I myself am pretty darn casual most of the time and I guess I'm part of the problem of an increasingly informal society. Oh, well. I probably wouldn't make a good 50s prostitute. I can't stand around in high heels for very long without hurting my twice-broken left pinkie toe. :-(

    2. lol, Lauren! Thank you for the Anna Karenina reminder...I think I'll make sure my next Netflix disc/watch after The Hour is one of her films.

  4. I've been dvring the second season on BBC America! I haven't gotten a chance to watch any of the episodes yet, but since I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday, I know what I'll be watching now (between naps and numbings).

    Also? mmmmm Dominic West.


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