Friday, January 18, 2013

swedish country homes

It's January--nesting time in the northern hemisphere.  Nothing better than staying cozy at home, and perhaps dreaming of ways to be even cozier.  And where are the coziest, most inviting homes?  Well, if blogs and decor magazines are anything to go by, you can't beat Swedish country homes!  I recently found myself sucked into the photos of homes at Lantliv ("Country Life") magazine's website.  Below are some of my favorites.  Get cozy and enjoy!

A cabin on the slopes of Tällberg with a view of a lake.

A 1930s home in Båstad.



  1. Those Swedes know to build and decorate for winter. One of the many reasons I love to watch the "Wallander" series on PBS... Kenneth Branagh, yes, but also many cozy country homes as locations!

  2. Every time I see Swedish interior decor I get a hankering to throw out all of my clutter. Alas, it never happens. I guess I'm going for that professor look: "sorry you can't sit--there's nowhere else to put all the books!" All I need is some pipe smoke. And dogs everywhere.

  3. That third concrete room is pretty amazing!

    1. It's a hammam style bathroom--and it's inside that first cottage shown! Can you believe it?


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