Thursday, January 3, 2013

i spy: december

I'm sorry the holidays are over.  I really do love the anticipatory and celebratory feeling of December, the sparkle of ice and snow, and of holiday decorations and lights.  It was a very pretty time on the internets, too.  Here's a small selection of the beautiful things I saw last month.  (You can follow me on Tumblr and Pinterest for more!)

1 / "Tory Burch" usually makes me think of those flats with the big ugly logo buckles...but I really like the patterns and prints shown in her pre-Fall 2013 collection. / Vogue
2 / a beautiful book cover for the bio of a beautiful actress / University of Exeter EVE
3 / lovely little Iceland homes with sod roofs / brilliantinemortality
4 / with The Hobbit being released in December, you didn't think you'd get away without any Richard Armitage, did you?  I love this photo of him in Thorin get-up with his Thorin Lego character. /
5 / mid-1840s photograph of Scottish painter David Octavius Hill, who along with calotypist Robert Adamson, did pioneering work in artistic photography and portraiture. / fuckyeahhistorycrushes
6 / Camera Obscura, an ambrotype by Stephen Berkman /
7 / Les arbres des quais avec le Pont-Neuf, Brassaï, 1945 / Metropolitan Museum of Art



  1. I've been loving the Tory Burch collection too. The patterns are amazing!

  2. I'm in the middle of a Flesh and the Devil re-watch! I usually watch the movies I blog about while I have breakfast, lunch or tea. (Very convenient.) Greta Garbo was magnificent.

    You, post a photo of Richard Armitage? Never!


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