Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today's post features some of my favorite labels from the Small Earth Vintage archives.  Labels in vintage garments have their own special charm.  I always include a label shot--when there is a label--in my item photos, not just to help prove the authenticity of a a garment's designer/era, but because I figure others must love seeing the label as much as I do when I'm shopping.

I've never done this before, so it took a little bit of time, going through four years' worth of sold item photos, and I know these are just a drop in the bucket.  These are not the fanciest, big name designer labels.  These are labels that I love because they are quirky, have a cool font, or feature a cute animal.  Enjoy!

So, apparently, at one time the "Suburbia look" was a thing.

Love Susan Ross's curlicue Ss!

On a men's 1960s sharkskin suit.  Pure weirdness.

Aw, Stinkie!

"washes like a Hanky!"  Okay.

Love the font.

Is that Princess Peggy?  Is she a real princess?  Did she test the fabric herself?

Mr. Mort labels are hands down the coolest.

On a 1950s or 1960s blouse.  Perfect label/logo for tweed run folks.

If a garment is made of wool, it is only correct that it should feature an image of the cute animal who was shorn to make it!

What does this say?  I have no idea.

So mod!



  1. Just what I always wanted--that suburbia look! Gotta love Winkie, Blinkie and Stinkie, too.

  2. Great collection! I love the Mr Mort label too and the Laura Dale one is so cute.

  3. These are so much fun. I especially love Laura Dale and her little doggie!


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