Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the hour

Have you been watching The Hour?  You should be.  It's kind of the BBC's answer to Mad Men, only it's about the news.  It's funny and smart, set in 1956, with lots of smoking and drinking--and great clothes.  The cast is excellent: Romola Garai (whose Emma I fell in love with--really, I think she did one of the best Jane Austen character portrayals ever), Ben Whishaw, Anna Chancellor, and Dominic West (the other British dude from The Wire).  Even if you don't have BBC you can watch it.  It's available at Netflix right now.

Oh, and the clothes are glorious!  Bel (Garai) plays an up-and-coming television producer, and usually wears great slim-fitting suits and dresses in solid, jeweltone colors (often with a nifty brooch).

Love Bel's beret, trench, and satchel.

Sissy the secretary always wears something sassy-cute and colorful.  I want this sweater!

Freddie (Whishaw) is a crusading journalist who comes from a working class background.  He's pretty much always in this tweed suit.  And a magnificent quiff.

Lix Storm (Chancellor) is a hardened war correspondent who dresses in slacks and blouses.  And who has the most hilarious name ever.  Yet more trouser lust here, as always.

Hector (West) is The Hour's dashing anchor.  Here he is with his wife, Marnie, the daughter of a millionaire, who wears gorgeous clothes--I love the lace on this dress.  She is played by Oona Chaplin, and--maybe it's the eyeliner--but she reminds me so much of Amy Winehouse in this shot.

One of the best episodes is when everyone heads to Marnie's family home for a weekend and we get to see them all in non-workday outfits.  Mmmm, tweed.

I love Marnie's amazing sweater, and Bel's whole outfit.  Here she's wearing a skirt, but earlier she wore this swing jacket with black capri pants.  Love.

Gratuitous bathtub shot.  I love this tub.  Tub lust.

These screenshots are all from the first three episodes.  I haven't watched the second three yet, but I have the DVD at home right now and am looking forward to it!



  1. Oooooh, I'm all about this. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Michael's been watching it, and said it isn't as good as Mad Men (but he likes it okay)...but he didn't tell me Whishaw was in it looking all teddy-boy-fine!

  3. Looks amazing - I will for sure add that show to my watch list. I love Mad Men for the costumes and the acting but, to be honest, I find it intensely depressing and that's not always what I want from my tube watching, ya know?

    And yeah, that tub is AMAZING!

  4. Just added to my queue!!

  5. I do believe I need to watch this!
    YAY! for more fabulous period TV shows!

  6. The clothes look fabulous! I've always liked Romola Garai, so I definitely need to put this on the ol' Netflix queue. I didn't realize it was out on DVD already!

  7. I'm dying to see this now. Hadn't even heard of it. We got rid of our cable TV and now have pretty much nothing. It looks like major eye candy.


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