Monday, January 7, 2013

shop menswear preview

Here's a look at the menswear coming to the shop over the next couple weeks.  There are a few great cotton shirts, a cozy Nordic sweater, and a couple jackets--one sharp and classic, the other wild and crazy!

1960s plaid cotton oxford pullover, by Donegal (already in the shop!).

1960s brown print oxford, by Shapely University Club.

1960s gold plaid oxford shirt.

1960s wool blend shadow plaid pullover jacket, by N&N.

1960s mustard and green Nordic sweater, by Sigallo.

1940s deadstock rayon polka dot dressing gown/robe.

1960s olive glen plaid jacket, by Benchleigh.

1960s Hawaiian tropical flower patchwork print blazer, by Sandwich Isles.


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