Wednesday, January 2, 2013

shop preview

Here's the first shop preview of 2013!  All items coming to the shop over the next week.

Also, we need to move some stock out to make room for new items, so the shop now has a clearance sale section, here, where all items are marked down 20%-30%.  Go check it out and grab a bargain before it's gone forever!

1950s plus size black floral print day dress, with eyelet lace and rick rack trim, by Bill Sims Togs (in the shop now!).

Pendleton green and blue plaid 49er jacket.

1960s purple wool houndstooth print dress, by Cobbs Corner.

1970s striped polo collar sweater, by Pandora Scotchkin.

1970s wool plaid dress with wooden barrel buttons, by Gay Gibson.

1950s brown tweed wool pencil skirt, by Jantzen.

1960s gray wool flannel Koret of California skirt suit with cool lion buttons!

1970s Parisian cafe society novelty print blouse.

1930s mustard yellow gown.

1950s cropped gray tweed and black velvet jacket, by Boykoff Kenspun.

1950s deadstock print cotton Brent men's pajamas.

1960s mod brown floral print dress with tie belt.



  1. Love that stripped sweater. It looks perfect for an apres ski party.

  2. Love the Parisian print on the 70s blouse!

  3. seeing some great prints to come!!


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