Monday, January 14, 2013


Last week someone on Tumblr posted a great photo from a 1975 Vogue (the very last image in this blog post, actually), and the Google image search I did to find the source led me to a most amazing blog called Youthquaker.  You may already be aware of Youthquaker, but in case you aren't--and if you're at all a fan of mod and/or 1960s-1970s fashion--I urge you to check it out!  The blog features fashion spreads from UK, Italian, and Paris Vogue magazines from 1965-1975.  You can do searches for particular models or photographers, if that's your thing...or, you can be like me, and just start clicking away and enjoying the wealth of fabulous vintage fashion!  I posted a few highlights below.

above four images UK Vogue /  March 15, 1965

UK Vogue / October 15, 1965

above four images UK Vogue / September 1, 1968



  1. I love that blog! I go over there to look something up and then get totally sucked in. My favorites are the very boho late 60s/early 70s layouts. There's even a photoshoot at Lacock Abbey somewhere on the blog I'm planning on featuring when I talk about how we visited Lacock back in October.

  2. I love that blog! I could get lost for hours searching through the issues on there. I always end up drooling over the fantastic shoes and prints. I love the orange and green combo and the little basket bag is adorable.

  3. It's funny that after years of people making fun of the 1970s fashions, they are finally seeing just how cool we actually were! I graduated from high school in 1973, so I wore the Sears versions of all these these. I loved pleats then, and love them now.


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