Wednesday, January 9, 2013

chanel does scotland

Have you guys seen the Chanel pre-Fall 2013 collection yet?  I have--thanks to Lizzie at The Vintage Traveler who alerted me to it--and it's amazing.  You should go read Lizzie's great post about it, here.  I particularly like what Lizzie has to say about this collection being very adaptable to those who love vintage.  Yes, Lizzie, this does make me want to--even more than usual--gather up every last bit of vintage tweed, cashmere, tartan, etc. that I can find!

It's almost as if Karl Lagerfeld made this collection just for me...well, just for me if I were a super-rich and thin person.  Lagerfeld took Scotland--and in particular, it seems, Mary Queen of Scots and the Elizabethan era--as his inspiration.  The show was held at Linlithgow Palace in Scotland, where Mary was born.  It's definitely worthwhile to watch the video of the show at the Chanel website (thanks to Lizzie for the link).  I included a couple screencaps to give you an idea.  It's very dramatic, dark and magnificent, with trash can fires (well, that's what they looked like to me) blazing, and the models marching around the periphery of the palace's roofless great hall with snowflakes swirling down on them.

The collection, of course, is full of all good things Scottish.  Tartan plaid, fair isle, argyle, tweed, cashmere, kilt-y touches...and giant Elizabethan ruffs and ascot collars.  It's so flipping fabulous!  Below are some of my favorite looks from the show.  The photos below all come from Harper's Bazaar and you can see the whole slideshow of looks there.

Stella Tennant in plaid wool and knitwear with gingham check accents?  Yes!

The argyle tights are a bit much for me, but I love the rest.  Amazing green leather coat!

I like these smaller argyle print tights more...incredible texture on the blouse and skirt, and I love the flat boots worn with everything.  And her hair!

These bubble skirts remind me of Henry VIII's sports costumes in The Tudors...but I love the sparkly bodice, the fair isle tights, and those pointy ankle boots.

Fair isle/argyle/glen plaid explosion.  And I absolutely love it.

It's a bit subtle, but I love the dark plaid of this dress and the beaded neckline.

Just amazing.  Blown-up sparkly plaid bodice, kilt strap details at the hip, the plaid throw over the shoulder...sigh.



  1. Love the dress with the lace collar and cuffs! Reminds me of Little Lord Fauntleroy.

  2. I adore this collection too! And the "Fair isle/argyle/glen plaid explosion" is AMAZING!

  3. Amazing how all these textures and patterns become an amazing, cohesive collection. Agree with Teresa about the fair isle/argyle/glen plaid. That's my fav!

  4. So happy to inspire! This is my favorite collection in many, many years.


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