Tuesday, January 22, 2013

shop preview

It's January, with plenty of winter still to go here in the northern hemisphere.  It's also the time of year when I can't help but let a few light, colorful, springy things into the shop.  Hey, it's not winter everywhere!  You'll see a few of those less wintry pieces in this preview--all items arriving in the shop over the next week.

1960s ink black velvet wiggle dress.

1960s floral print top with pleated, square neckline.

1960s yellow macro plaid crepe baby doll dress.

1950s blue wool check suit, by Jablow.

Green and orange ombre stripe fringed wool cape.

1950s blue rose taffeta dress with ruched waist and pockets.

1950s russet and pumpkin plaid cotton blouse, by White Stag.

1960s poppy print maxi dress, by George Arthur.

1950s wheat open weave cardigan.

1960s green, teal, and plum plaid wool skirt.

1950s sky blue cotton peasant dress.

1950s wool grid print skirt, by Marshall Field.



  1. I love the blue check suit!

  2. That is a beautiful blue floral 50's dress!! Love!


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