Monday, December 31, 2012

12 from 2012

Hello and happy new year!  Here, in no particular order, are my 12 favorite items that sold out of the Etsy shop in 2012.  They're not necessarily the most expensive or fanciest, though you'll see one or two big name labels here.  I just went through and picked favorites (lots of them) and then painfully narrowed it down to 12.  (There do seem to be quite a few sparkly numbers here!  Fitting for New Year's Eve, don't you think?)

This 1950s cornflower blue dress has an embroidered leaf motif, embellished with silver Lurex thread.  By Henry-lee.

Gorgeous and dainty sheer peach nylon 1940s blouse, covered in passementerie trim, and with a Peter Pan collar trimmed in rhinestones and faux pearls.

I love the bold primary colors of this ikat weave purse.  I also love the label in it from Christine Custom Bags in Detroit, a shop that specialized in do-it-yourself needlepoint bags (you'd do the needlepoint work at home, then bring it into the shop to be turned into a purse!).

A lovely peachy-pink cherry blossom print dress from the 1920s.

We sold a lot of great menswear this year, but I think this reversible atomic fleck jacket by Gean Edwards is my favorite!

This fitted black 1940s jacket with its ruched sleeves and black sequin-covered bodice is just perfection in my book!

It's always exciting to find deadstock vintage with the tags still this 1950s bombshell "Pearl Princess" swimsuit by Rose Marie Reid.

This is one of those items that SO would not have gone in the shop if it had been my size!  A mod 1960s navy trench by White Stag with fabulous white contrast stitching and lots of zippers.

Gorgeous 1930s gold-studded pumpkin crepe dress, that went to a very good home!

I sold a few dress-and-cape sets this year.  This 1950s gray and chartreuse fern print dress with its matching chartreuse linen capelet is my favorite.  This was one of those happy sales where the buyer longed for it a long time and then was finally able to make the purchase.

More ferns!  I love them.  This 1950s fern print skirt went to a wonderful longtime customer, who has particularly excellent taste in prints!

And last, but certainly not least, this 1960s purple print India silk dress by Tina Leser was one of those dresses that I couldn't quite believe was in the shop for as long as it was.  But it found its home at last!

Wishing you all a beautiful new year filled with fabulous vintage!



  1. Beautiful items, I can see why they were some of your favorites!

  2. you guys have one of the best curated shops! i like that there is a lot of really great men's pieces.

  3. That purple Tina Leser still haunts me. :)

  4. What a nice way to say goodbye!!! Sometimes it's hard to say bye to some of these beauties, isn't it?


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