Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sweater love

Wool sweater, dates from first third of 20th century. 

Lizzie over at The Vintage Traveler blogged on Monday about 1930s knitwear.  She posted about how hard it is to find sweaters dating to before the 1940s.  (Go read her post to see the reasons why, and to peek at some really cute 1930s sweaters.)  Lizzie's post made me realize that I'd be much more excited about finding 1930s knitwear than a 1930s fancy gown.  Overall, I'm more fascinated by the everyday things people wore in the past.  Not to say I don't see the beauty in a gorgeous gown--I do!  But...there's just something about day dresses, pants, workwear, shoes...and sweaters.  Lovely, cozy sweaters.  Look at these first four examples from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection, plus--further down--some gorgeous examples of 1930s and 1940s sweaters from vintage crochet and knitting patterns, and see if you don't agree.

Late 1940s cocktail sweater. 

1950s Elsa Schiaparelli sweater. 

1950s wool deer vest.

And finally, how amazing is this jabot print 1930s or 1940s sweater pattern, from Skiff Vintage Knitting Patterns?



  1. The bow blouse and checkerboard suit are amazing- now that's the kind of fashion I like.

  2. I adore vintage sweaters and you're so right, it IS hard to find pre-40s pieces.

  3. love love looking at the knitwear! i, too, am really fascinated by "everyday" life types of people really lived and what they really wore.

    that deer vest is amazing!

  4. So adorable and comfy! That cocktail sweater is simply gorgeous!
    I wish I knew how to knit. There are so many awesome vintage patterns.

  5. I absolutely love and collect sweaters from the 30s/40s and have always wondered why they are so hard to find! I better go read that blog post you referred to :)

  6. oh I adore sweaters and knitwear in general. I get so much more excited these days by finding a good vintage sweater. It also shows my deep love for wintery weather :)

  7. i so wish that the Schiaparelli could come live with me for a little while...

  8. I love these so much! Thanks for mentioning my blog.

  9. That Schiaparelli is to die for.


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