Monday, January 2, 2012

i sky dive in some sky blue ferragamos

That's actually a Wu-Tang Clan lyric: "Burst of adrenaline, bungee jumped off the Verrazano/I sky dive in some sky blue Ferragamos."  I'm not cool enough to have just known that; I had to use the Google.

No sky blue Ferragamos here--but there is an olive green, gray, and snakeskin pair.  Also, this shop preview has the return of hats in kind of a big way with a fancy Pierre Balmain fur number.

Ferragamo alligator skin bow flats (in the shop now).

1940s white perforated oxfords by Dr. Hiss.

1970s brown stack heel boots.

1970s navy blue perforated t-straps.

1970s wooden high heel sandals.

1980s Ferragamo olive, gray, and snakeskin pumps.

1970s Dexter kiltie bow flats.

1950s Pierre Balmain fur hat.

1950s velvet cocktail hat with bows and sequins.

1960s black velvet and gold tapestry turban hat, by Mr. John.

Olive green tooled leather handbag.

1970s International Imperial stoneware Cortina lidded sauce pot.



  1. haha love the wu quote. I just had those wooden high heel sandals in my shop!

    ....what size are those Dexter kiltie bow flats?!

  2. I am both in love with and scared of those white oxfords. As much as I love white shoes I never wear them in fear of getting them dirty! ;)

    Love the quote and the hat!

  3. i love Ferragamos, but they're always so narrow :(
    i do love those sandals!!!


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