Monday, January 30, 2012

vintage dogs

I know there are a lot of cat ladies out there in vintage world.  Well, this post is for the rest of us (though there is a cat here!).

movie star dog / here

French circus dogs (& a cat!) / here

from the WNYC archives, Rolf, the mandolin playing terrier / here

my grandfather, Dan, and Mupsy, 1908

Victorian dog in top hat, smoking a pipe, from the collection of Libby Hall / here

from the collection of Libby Hall / here

love the french bulldog's collar, and that terrier on her lap! / Libby Hall Collection

You can see more on my Pinterest vintage dog board.



  1. Oh how adorable! I'm a cat person but I can appreciate a cute little puppy. Love seeing the rare vintage pups

  2. I LOVE the dog photos. I collect old black and white photos and am especially drawn to photos with dogs.

  3. Adorable! I'm totally a dog person. I wonder if I could get my pup to wear any of these costumes? (Note: she just looked up from next to me as if to say, "Are you joking? Please.")

  4. Your vintage dog pinterest board fills my dog loving heart with glee!
    Keep up the pooches Karen! <3


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