Thursday, January 12, 2012

snow day?

This winter is turning me back into a kid again.  We've had hardly any snow--none that has stuck around anyway.  I was grateful for the unseasonably nice weather back in November, when Andy was working on our roof.  But now I'm starting to get peeved at the lack of Lake Effect.  Yeah, I'm a weirdo.  I would like to get out and do a little cross country skiing, though.

Here's a preview of what is coming to the shop over the next week.

1960s cherry red shirt dress, Cobbies by Cos Cob.

1980s Ralph Lauren wool cardigan with lace collar.

1960s blue wool and mohair sweater with roll collar, by Glasgo.

Antique Edwardian tea dress with filet lace.

Pendleton brown wool plaid bathrobe.

Needlepoint tapestry vest, by Aladdin.

1940s abstract mosaic print voile dress with bow and belt.

1950s brown striped pencil skirt.

1980s cream sweater with lace collar, by Koret.

1960s geometric print dress with roll collar, big pockets, and belt, by Herman Marcus.

Mint green nylon slip with ruched bust, satin ribbon trim, and appliques, by Carol Brent.

Cobalt neo-Edwardian sweater with leg-o-mutton sleeves.

1960s Adolphe Zelinka skirt suit with gold lamé checkerboard bow blouse.

Gossamer crochet cape.

1960s folklore print dress with sewn-in belt.



  1. i am not sure what is happening to me but i am really starting to like weird. i now have my eye on that Cos Cob (love Cos Cob) shirtdress!

  2. That Edwardian dress is amazing.

  3. loving that 40's number, and the Edwardian piece!

  4. These clothes remind of that '80s movie that's set in the 1930s, Christmas Story. I can see the teacher and mom characters wearing the sweaters! I really like the soft and romantic yellow sweater.

  5. how wild, just had the same Ralph Lauren lace collar sweater in my shop just recently. GREAT MINDS, Karen! ;) that Edwardian dress is pretty damn amazing too!

  6. That little Cos Cob dress is adorable and it's RED!
    I hope it snows soon for you!


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