Monday, January 23, 2012

shop preview

Lots of cozy, woolen keep-you-warm goodness in this shop update...but it ends on a springy note!  Here's what you'll see coming to the shop this week.

1950s sparkly gold sweater dress, by Sue Brett.

Faux fur cape.

Mod pink and green floral dress, by Emilio Borghese.

1950s chunky knit floral cardigan.

1960s beaded blue cocktail dress.

1950s wool shadow plaid pleated skirt.

1960s blue and gold plaid wool shift dress.

Heather green wool cardigan.

1950s lilac jersey party dress with ruched waist and full skirt.

Mustard geometric roll collar knit top, by Carol Brent.

Navy blue swiss dot maxi dress with large collar and ascot, by Coco.

1950s yellow and green plaid kilt.

1950s buff bateau neck sweater dress.

1960s gold lamé checkerboard bow blouse, by Adolphe Zelinka.

1960s pumpkin and sage plaid wool scooter dress.

Striped polo neck cardigan sweater by Sacony.

1970s tribal motif sweater dress.

1970s belted corduroy jacket.

1950s pale yellow beaded cupcake party dress.



  1. LOTS of fabulosity in this preview! I will wait to see them in the shop and see which ones might fit me!

  2. Loving the sweater dresses!

  3. oh the tribal motif 70s dress....oh oh oh love it!


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