Tuesday, January 31, 2012

you can't take it with you

There is one item in this shop accessories preview that I really wanted to keep, but which I'm going to let go, because I have enough of this item already.  Can you guess which item it is?  (The answer will be at the end of this update.)

1980s perforated caramel leather wedges, by Dr. Scholls.

1980s spats flats, by Pappagallo.

1950s brasstone filigree box purse, by Empress.

Ikat weave handbag by Christine Custom Bags of Detroit.

1940s corde box purse.

1964 Enid Collins Money Tree X box purse.

Tooled leather Jesus Saves belt and buckle.

Framed pictures for your cottage wall.

Kitschy folklore Mom and Pop mugs by Napcoware.

You're in good hands with Jesus (though according to this picture, Jesus wants to slap you dead like a mosquito).

oh, and the item I really want to keep?  

....it's the
ikat purse!



  1. I totally guessed it. That purse is awesome!

  2. I like the purse's tribal island design. Perfect for summertime.

  3. I had a funny feeling that I found a winner with that purse. Andy

  4. As I was scrolling I saw the filigree box purse and thought that was it but up next was the gorgeous ikat purse and I just knew that was the one you were wanting to keep. Such a beauty!


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